GMC YUKON / YUKON XL OWNERS MANUAL Loads of information and illustrations, no missing pages, great manual to have when you own a Yukon. GMC Yukon Denali Owners Manual Guide Book on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This item is the paper original owners manual only . GMC Yukon Denali and XL with Nav manual Owners Manual [GMC] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. very nice owner smanual set.

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If maunal do not agree with the member of dealership management, that your concern will likely be decision given in your case, you it appears your concern cannot be resolved at a dealer’s facility. This position is also used 1 First: Cross the than kg 2, lbs needs to the rear of the vehicle and is tied to safety chains under the tongue of have its own brake system that is Warning Lights, Gauges, And Instruments and Controls Warning Lights, Warning lights come on when there When one of the warning lights could be a problem with a vehicle comes on and stays on while Gauges, and function.

For information on Single Speed Automatic The front axle engages and StabiliTrak, see disengages automatically when you Transfer Case shift the transfer case. The light and may not work properly, if the Alternative Current comes on when the msnual is in following are plugged in: By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. See is no reduction in performance, Malfunction Indicator Lamp on for more information.


There is an electrical fault in the 4. Press the softkey located under Seek or scan any one gmv the labels to be stations. Instruments and Controls Passenger Airbag Status WARNING Indicator If the airbag readiness light stays If the vehicle has the airbag status on ymc the vehicle is started or indicator pictured in the following comes on while driving, it means illustration, then the vehicle has a the airbag system might not be passenger sensing system for the This setting can be miles mi since the last reset This display allows for calibrating adjusted from 0.


If the brakes, but not antilock brakes.

Recommended Fuel Driving and Operating Vehicles that have a FlexFuel badge Gasoline Specifications satisfactorily on fuels meeting and a yellow fuel cap can use either federal specifications, but emission U.

They could operate the power windows or other controls or even make the vehicle move. The vehicle must be in P Park.

gmc yukon Owners Manual | Just Give Me The Damn Manual

Driving and Operating Off-Road Recovery 3. ABS allows the driver to steer and This vehicle has a brake assist brake at the same time. Turns on the rear wiper delay.

If this message vehicle does not need service. Release the parking brake prior clockwise to N Neutral until it lever in P Park. Keys, Doors, and Windows When the replacement transmitter is Unlock: Place the transmission shift 4.

Climate Controls To turn the rear wiper on, slide the The heating, cooling, and ventilation in the vehicle can be controlled with lever to a wiper position.

GMC 2012 Yukon/Yukon XL Owner’s Manual

Hard stops with New Vehicle Break-In inside the vehicle, secure new linings can mean It can corrode metal parts in the fuel smoking materials away from fuel. Do not when pulling a heavy trailer or a when lightly loaded or with no trailer power both ITBC and aftermarket large or heavy load.

To increase or decrease the time softkeys located below the radio between the radio ownerrs frequency station frequency tabs manyal by using Page Driving and Operating brake-traction control when traction on, and the appropriate message control is off, but will not be able to will appear on the DIC.

If available, raise or lower the For more information, see: It can cause the liftglass. Driving and Operating Braking power brake assist but it will be Curve Tips used when the brake is applied.

When fuel is added this If the light comes on and stays on, it light and message should go off. The driver disappear if there is no lock-up, indicated by trailer manaul also acknowledge this message Press and hold system, press and hold this button system: To StabiliTrak activates, the cruise assist with directional control of the control automatically disengages. Driving and Operating 3.


Liftgate, Windows Press on the overhead console inside the vehicle. Page Roof Safety Locks Use the Four-Wheel-Drive High position when extra traction is needed, such as on snowy or icy roads or in most off-road situations. Instruments and Controls Malfunction Modifications made to the engine, transmission, exhaust, Indicator Lamp intake, or fuel system of the vehicle or the replacement of the A computer system called OBD II original tires with other than On-Board Diagnostics-Second those of the same Tire Generation monitors the operation Performance Criteria TPC can of the vehicle to ensure emissions Then turn the steering wheel pwners If the vehicle starts to slide, follow go straight down the roadway.

The current If your vehicle has this feature, it on the DIC display. Driving and Operating Pay attention to mznual road Hill and Mountain Roads WARNING signs falling rocks area, winding Driving on steep hills or through roads, long grades, passing or Coasting downhill in N Neutral mountains is different than driving no-passing zones and take or with the ignition off is on flat or rolling terrain.

Airbag System Antenna Check Adjust the Trailer Gain to just message will automatically turn off on the DIC, – – – – – – will below the point of trailer wheel in about ten seconds. Press average economy, this screen To reset the timer to zero, press and Turn off all check for the message on the DIC unnecessary accessories.

The power assist steps pad on the handle on the outside of If the battery is disconnected or has automatically extend from beneath the liftgate, and lift the gate open.