This may be accessed by clicking the View Report icon below. BEA France Accident Airbus A F-GZCP AF Atlantic Ocean. In its final report into the loss of an Air France Airbus A over the South Atlantic on June 1, , French air accident investigation agency. Thursday, July 5, was a much anticipated day, as the entire aviation industry awaited the release of the final report on the Air France

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A spokesperson for the BEA claimed “the airspeed of the aircraft was unclear” to the pilots [] and, on 4 JuneAirbus issued an Accident Information Telex to operators of all its aircraft reminding pilots of the recommended Abnormal relort Emergency Procedures to be taken in the case of unreliable airspeed indication.

Until the black box was found, investigators had rpeort little information to work with to determine the cause of the crash and were delayed in their investigation. On 2 Julythe BEA released an intermediate report, which described all known facts, and a summary of the visual examination of the rudder and the other parts of the aircraft that had been recovered at that time.

Air France Crash: Final Report Points to Pilot Error, Confusion | Flying Magazine

France requested two “towed pinger locator hydrophones” from the United States Navy to help find the aircraft. Retrieved 6 January The Spiegel report asserts that such a crash “could happen again”.

Le Monde in French. Retrieved 23 October Archived from the original on 5 July Retrieved 5 March It provides an explanation for most of the pitch-up inputs by the pilot flying PFleft unexplained in the Popular Mechanics piece: Passengers who had citizenship in one country but were attributed to another country by Air France are indicated with parentheses.


Archived from the original on 11 August On 29 Julythe BEA released a third interim report on safety issues it found in the wake of the crash.

According to the final report, [] the accident resulted from the following succession of major events:. In a July CBS report, Sullenberger suggested the design of the Airbus cockpit might have been a factor in the accident.

Air France Flight 447

Probably two to three minutes after this the aircraft encountered icing conditions the cockpit voice recorder recorded what av447 like hail or graupel on the outside of the aircraft, and the engine anti-ice system came on and ice crystals started to accumulate in the pitot tubes pitot tubes measure how fast the aircraft is moving through the air.

This has been the biggest investigation since Lockerbie. Photo Illustration October Airbus design may have contributed to deadly crash”.

Retrieved 29 July Archived from the original on 25 October Retrieved 18 May Archived from the original on 8 February Retrieved 29 April Using the then-sparse publicly available evidence and information, and without data from the black boxes, a critical chain of events was postulated, employing the expertise of an expert pilot, an expert accident investigator, an aviation meteorologist, and an aircraft structural engineer.

Archived from the original on 31 May Retrieved 9 June El Mundo in Spanish.

Final report on AF447

Some systems generated failure messages only about the consequences but never mentioned the origin of the problem. Phase 4 of the search operation started close to the aircraft’s last known position, which was identified by the Metron study as being the most likely resting place of flight The fly-by-wire A incorporates envelope protection technology that prevents the airplane from entering a stall in most cases. The stall warnings stopped, as all airspeed indications were now considered invalid by the aircraft’s computer due to the high angle of attack.

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Delta Air Lines analyzed the data of Northwest Airlines flights that occurred before the two companies merged and found a dozen incidents in which at least tinal of an A’s pitot tubes had briefly stopped working when the aircraft was flying through the Intertropical Convergence Zonethe same location where Air France crashed.

Air France Flight – Wikipedia

Archived from the original on 21 April This “simple but persistent” human error was given as the most direct cause of this accident. The BEA assembled a human factors working group to analyze the crew’s actions and reactions during the final stages of the flight.

Final report on AF The flight controls are not mechanically linked between the two pilot seats, and Robert, the left-seat pilot who believed he had taken over control of the aircraft, was not aware that Erport continued to hold the stick back, which overrode Robert’s own control.

Retrieved 1 May