After her first therapist has a meltdown, Alice MacLeod and her new therapist Alice, I Think, an unusual first novel by Susan Juby, falls in the latter group. Alice, I Think is the first in a trilogy of comic novels written by Susan Juby. It was first published in It is set in Smithers, British Columbia and describes the. Revised from a work published in the author’s native Canada, this very funny first novel makes use of the same pseudo-diary format as Louise Rennison’s.

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As a kid I read everything. More By and Huby This Author. Other books in the series. And I was always into reading the same book over and over and over and over and over and over.

So they give you freedom and they give you control. We love them, we’re fine, we can handle it. The funniest book I’ve read in a while. I don’t think I’ve rated a book one star at all this year.

This was going to be good! I didn’t have any pull, but I knew suean from my reading to tell that that whole hall of heartbreak there — to try and get power, which you’re never going to get unless you’re J. Publish paper comparing teenagers and chicken peer groups.

Accidental ‘Alice, I Think’

So I’m moving on. Paperbackpages. The reader of the playaway version does a terrific job with pacing and inflection and Alice is never boring. Most Emailed Alberta vs. This book was not worth my time; reading it was a terrible experience. As a kindergartner, Alice went to school dressed as a Hobbit and seemed to believe she really was a Hobbit.

Alice, I Think (novel) – Wikipedia

This is a childhood favourite of mine so it gets 5 stars for nostalgia thinj 3 stars for still being somewhat influential on my life more than a decade later. A little bit, in that if you go to a literary festival you’re either not on the program at all or they’ll just hive off the children and YA people. So what’s it like watching thik creation move zusan to TV and get a whole new life and subsidiary set of creators?


Not all of us were meant to be social butterflies Is it sad or scary that I related to Alice so well? Pastoring a shrinking church in First Reformed. Susan Juby manages to keep character funny but still realistic and everything in the book is so relateble.

Which I read a great deal of in preparation for this. Or any that could be described as real.

I quit a lot. I didn’t really end up caring about Alice in the end, one way or the other. And I was a little bit horrified when I discovered it was considered a young adult book.

When we spoke, Juby had just handed in her latest and first non-Alice project, a “sincere horse book” about the disciplined world of dressage training. If she doesn’t, then it would be good to stop while she’s still interesting to me.

Alice, I Think

How did you get started despite your inner critic? Chapter 11 Summary Putting on a brave face. This book, is just simply amazing. Alice reveals a lot without realising it, and she’s what you’d call an unreliable narrator, though because the book is cleverly written you get muby very clear idea of what’s really going on. So she makes some life goals.

Horses are all about heart. Normally, when I find that I am getting annoyed with a book that just doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, I look ahead and see if I can find something that will hook me in again. Tihnk for telling us about the problem. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Never miss a story. Somehow I thought I’d give this book a chance, since it was mentioned that this is a book Meg Cabot of Princess Diaries wished she had written.


This is a series adored by teens and adults alike. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Not surprisingly, kids laughed at her. Tell me about the dressage novel. Average that out, and you still get a weird, laugh-out-loud, 4-star contemporary that holds a special place in my heart. Would you like to receive The Tyee’s headlines free by email?

She has a therapist, a government-sponsored one this is no tale about a spoiled rich brat who Alice, I Think is a quirky story about a quirky fifteen-year-old girl called Alice MacLeod, who records her day in her journal in her original style. Over all I liked Alice, I Think. This section contains words approx. There were no standards in place.

Accidental ‘Alice, I Think’ | The Tyee

I had a brief and unsuccessful career as a fashion design student and, after I worked at a series of low paying jobs, such as server, record store employee, etc. I can’t spend a lot of time browsing in the YA section because I end up looking They just sort of happen, like brown eyes or flat feet.

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