Ash Mistry and the Savage Fortress (The Ash Mistry Chronicles) [Sarwat Chadda] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Breathtaking action. Ash Mistry finds himself in deep danger when he spends a summer in India, encountering hideous demonic creatures and Lord Savage’s. This book is about a British boy called Ash Mistry who goes on a trip to India with his sister Lucky and archaeologist uncle for the summer.

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The somewhat unexpected answer was: The main tthe, Ash Mistry, is like Percy Jackson in many ways, although he isn’t a demigod. This book is for Percy Jackson fans who are into gods and are if you think You know them all well you have to know the gods of the mythical mmistry of India and an action adventure like no other.

Where the monsters and heroes of the past come to life Of course it as different from Rick’s book as possible except for the age of the protagnist who is But right from the start the culture clash carries hints of danger and mystery, until savaye terrifying moment when the supernatural explodes into Ash’s life and changes him utterly.

On the one hand, it’s enjoyable, and the Indian mythology woven through is far more than just flavor.


Ash Mistry and the Savage Fortress : Sarwat Chadda :

They have travelled from England to visit their uncle and aunt during the holidays, and despite their Asian heritage they find the atmosphere as fascinating, frustrating and thrilling as any young person brought up in west London would do. View all 3 comments. Ash Mistry Chronicles 3 books. If you don’t really like the book, you don’t need to spend your limited reading time on it. Repackaging Hindu mythology for the internet generation then, is both a wonderful task, given the richness of the Hindu mythopoeia, and a difficult one.

At other times I could obviously tell exactly what was going to happen next. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

Ash Mistry and The Savage Fortress

Action Scenes are frequent and do not fail to entertain. Written in a witty, humourous style, Ash Mistry and the Savage Fortress has an underdog protagonist you can’t help but root for.

Its appeal is far reaching: Firstly, is the book any good? The castles and markets are intriguing, mostry the poverty, the constant heat, the poor roads and the dust are beginning to take their toll. Ash Mistry and younger his sister Lucky are visiting their family in India during their school holidays. Refresh and try again.

Ash Mistry and the Savage Fortress

This book is underrated. I want my female characters to be more interesting than this. Mar 27, TheBookSmugglers rated it really liked it. A bit gory near the end, but not awful. All the characters had pretty good human like emotions but sometimes I couldn’t feel the fear they had or the anxiety they had. Even though I don’t subscribe to the Hindu beliefs, I do think there are some good lessons to be learned about accountability and personal ethics. Return to Book Page.


The author explains aspects of mythology very well to a novice. Along with this the characters are powerful.

My one nitpick comes here: Until the supernatural knocks on his door and he realises that these rakshashas are totally real — and out to get him and his family. He has no special powers or talents. I imagine these books will do very well, not only in the U. Also, battle scenes are quite frequent, in fact Mr. Nevertheless, I was fascinated by the new concept. Jun 28, Foftress rated it really liked it.