This Reference Manual applies to: AutoDock Vina This Reference Manual is intended for: User. Includes a summary of usage, configuration file. The AutoDock Vina tool allows running ligand-receptor docking calculations with . Please see the AutoDock Vina manual for a description of the output values. USING AUTODOCK 4 AND VINA WITH AUTODOCKTOOLS: A TUTORIAL. This file will contain docking parameters and instructions for.

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1. AutoDock Vina Manual Page

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See Features It should be noted that the predictive accuracy varies a lot depending on the target, so it makes sense to evaluate AutoDock Vina against your particular target first, if you have known actives, or a bound native ligand structure, before ordering compounds.

AutoDock Vina Manual Page — AutoDock

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AutoDock Vina – molecular docking and virtual screening program

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