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The bitmap size is not limited, and the file is displayed aufomapa the original size, without any scaling. The program will display a screen containing the most important information regarding the POI, such as the name, short description or telephone number.


Thanks to auto-correction, the driver does not have to make independent attempts to return to the mapped route or manually set a new route from the present position – this will be done by AutoMapa.

During auromapa zooming it is possible to change the scale of the map to suit the user’s individual requirements.

The program can be set to collect anonymous traffic information which speeds up map upgrades and enables the driver to skip problem areas. In case of devices which are not connected to a PC via ActiveSync, install Software on a clean memory card using the card reader in the PC. To do so, select Call button, which is located at the bottom of the displayed window, then confirm your decision by pressing the displayed small window with the telephone number.

On the screens with components and maps selection, autojapa installer will display the versions of the installed files and – if they are older than the files that are being installed – will insturkcja to update them. When a given emergency service button is tapped, software will display a list of outlets automapz to the driver’s current location.

The system will map a walking or a driving route to the requested location. Then the following point is found next to insturkcja one found previously. MiploSync allows for additional updating of a POI file that is independent of the synchronization cycle specified during the configuration of the MiploSync application. Tap on the category name to open the parameters screen. This option may display the entire route, route information or the first manoeuvre on the given route with the pilot panelalternatively, the map view may remain unmodified.

When selected, an emergency message is automatically sent to the ICE number saved in the contacts. If the map fragment selected for installation is sufficiently small, automaoa the portable device instrumcja is sufficiently large, the map can also be installed directly in device memory. Instrhkcja sections with a traffic ban can also be unblocked for the route: Choose the type of device where the Software program will be installed.


In case of the portable computer setup, we recommend installation on a memory card. Each section above has the table of contents. In the window that appears, select File at the bottom, and then Load file.

The listed results will be displayed when one result is selected. When the installation instrukca complete, program starts and the start screen is displayed. If the map is re-installed e. They are marked on the map with icons corresponding to the given category. SD AutoStart installs in the memory card a special directory, which recovers the Software system after the loss of data from the device e. The user can obviously block a one-way ihstrukcja lane in a multilane road.

The favourite points editing screen is found in the POI menu.

Me Automapa instrukcja and 7 mp3. You will be able not only to easily choose and navigate to the selected points, but along with the download you will also receive a lot of additional POI data, like phone number, opening hours or range of rendered services. User icons Points from user-defined categories are marked on the map with the following icon.

The program enables the user to save three defined sets of data displayed in the panel the user can navigate between the instrucja by clicking on the number of the set.


Short The system will map the shortest possible route, avoiding roads of the lowest category e. Automzpa memory options allow users to change the settings related to default device memory to be utilized by software for its maps and user POIs.

NET operating system, device memory may be formatted after the device is disconnected from the supply source. Car details In this box you can include the speed profile when calculating the route and set the average speeds for particular road grades, and the related estimated fuel consumption.


For devices with a built-in or a connected external keyboard, it is recommended that automwpa Automatically show keyboard option is disabled.

Follow the instructions above to assign functions e. The system will select the route using data from the AM’Traffic system, taking into account the time limits and road throughput at the moment when the route reaches it. Add From – loads POI from instrukcjja selected file to the currently loaded one, zutomapa turning on the map display of POI contained in the file.

In this situation, the keyboard does not open automatically. If the GPS device uses a different COM port or different port speed, manually select the correct parameters in accordance with the data provided by the manufacturer.

The green bars show the relative strength of the GPS signal from the satellites that the antenna uses, yellow – other detected satellites, grey – undetected satellites. You do not need to reinstall the program or the maps. There are three default profiles: Ignore GPS Deviations – specifies the value of deviation of your GPS position from the road network on the map to be ignored, with the position autimapa drawn at a section of the closest road.

There are two ways of starting navigation: Another frequent problem related to problems with GPS reading is incorrect cabling or close proximity to electronic devices that generate interference, and in particular to devices used to monitor vehicle movement. Save time by spreading curation tasks among your automapa instrukcja.

Blocked sections can be saved to file, read in, added from a file or imported from previous system versions. An important display parameter is the scale, below which the points are displayed on the map.

The system will ask whether an expiry date should be insttukcja to the blocked section.