Editorial Reviews. Review. “Sallinger brings potent storytelling and characterization to the erotic romance table, offering an actual BDSM novel (as opposed to. For Reflection “Sallinger brings a fresh voice to the genre and makes it her own in this second Chrysalis book. Her scarred, tortured characters are both trapped. 18 Dec Awakening by Elene Sallinger is another title that’s been compared to Fifty Shades of Grey because of the BDSM element in the book. However.

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Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: I notice a pattern of pushing from myself towards the men I love both past and present. Her ex, Charlie, did beat her, but Claire has awakening elene sallinger seen herself as the abuser due to mental and emotional abuse she inflicted awakening elene sallinger him. When faced with the idea that she could venture into this world without the proper care, Evan decides that he wants to be the one to show her this side of herself, but without the sexual or emotional relationship.

Tiny streamers stroked him, the damp heat reminiscent of small tongues on his flesh. From the first moment he sees her, Evan Lang knows he is in trouble. Jan 13, Our hero, Evan, has been trapped in his own form of seclusion, grief. All or Nothing 0. I just wished that the story were a little bit less predictable.

What are you awakening elene sallinger working awakening elene sallinger Stubborn Evan can’t let go of the past. Even knowing how it is “supposed” to turn out, I was on pins and needles as to how Sallinger would get around Evan’s angry reactions and boorish behavior and the pain it caused Claire. I really enjoyed reading about both of the main characters and found them very rounded and I could totally understand why they were drawn to one another.


The sex, although not frequent awakening elene sallinger this book, is incredibly hot and except for a couple of lines towards the end that made me cringe, this was a brilliant erotic romance, and one I’d recommend for fans of BDSM novels.

In turn, he was denying himself what he really wanted.


References to Yoda and Harry Potter had my inner geek doing a happy dance. I know she realized that she was not a replacement for his deceased wife, but Evan never realized that. Characters are realistic and likable. At times, Awakening is a touch clinical, but I can easily forgive this awakening elene sallinger the original touches Sallinger puts to this story.

Too much information in awakening elene sallinger scene and you feel like you are reading a manual about bondage. View all 4 comments.

Videos Awakkening This Book. You are commenting using your Twitter account. The book focuses on two sallingrr, Evan awakening elene sallinger Claire. Sallinger has the perfect combination to make this tale exquisitely beautiful, touchingly heart-wrenching and hedonistic enough to keep your body on fire.

Sallinger reveals the care required by awakeinng dominant and never does it make more sense than in the romance between Claire and Evan. As Claire falls deeper in love with Evan, she realises that he is holding back and decides to end their relationship, forcing Awakening elene sallinger to confront his own past and his feelings in order to save his new love.

How can they declare their love after only having had sex once?! Unsettled Chrysalis, 3 4. He knows she is going to learn things awakening elene sallinger herself that will scare her and have her run from the truth.

Elene Sallinger – Award winning author of Awakening

I do believe Evan woke up as well. He has awakening elene sallinger flogger Evan was very conccerned with Claire being “green” in the lifestyle and not wanting her already damanged pysche to meet up with a bad person using BDSM as a way to abuse a awakeningg, naive girl. Awakening elene sallinger sallinher, the title suggests the relationship between Claire and Evan is that exactly…an awakening…for both of them.


The book store, Bibliophile, is owned by Evan.


Hmmm, is that a good thing or a bad thing?? Publicist or Marketing Professional. Elene Sallinger rated a book really liked it Triumph by Carolyn Jessop. Chrysalis 3 books by Elene Sallinger Goodreads Author. Robert’s Reviews Jul 15, Bibliophile is owned by Evan. Writers can share their awakenung, brainstorm and collaborate with awakening elene sallinger. Evan brings Claire into his world of BDSM, but can Evan learn to live again and break the strong hold his past has on him?

There were no surprises in either of them My Initial Reaction… Awakening elene sallinger was an okay erotic romance. I would imagine if you do not trust the oth I really enjoyed Awakening, I love romance novels with an extra added spice and this was awakening elene sallinger for me.

When he sees a woman who stirs long dead feelings he’s angry with her and himself. If I had to categorize it, I would say it awakneing chick-lit. Open Preview See a Problem? Knowing that being introduced to awakening elene sallinger BDSM lifestyle properly is crucial, Evan feels the need to be the one to help her.

If I were female, that is. That rattled me a bit, worse than being shoved against the book stacks by some leather bound hellion with a whip and a pair of handcuffs.

I’m looking forward to it because I found her awakening elene sallinger more intriguing than Claire.