Bastet (Werewolf: The Apocalypse) [Phil Brucato] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Werepanther descriptions & game statistical information. Werewolf: The Apocalypse In game terms, Bastet Gifts work just like Garou Gifts. The heart of most Gifts, as Bastet understand them, is a puzzle, some. WtA – Breedbook Bastet – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free. WOD – Werewolf – The Apocalypse – Nuwisha. Uploaded by.

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A Pattern Spider – one of the Weaver’s spirits – teaches this Gift. Monkey’s Uncle lasts for one hour per success, applies only to the Bastet herself, and may be detected with a resisted roll Perception verses Gnosis, difficulty 8 by someone with magical senses.

Bastet Gifts

Razor Claws By raking his claws over stone or another hard surface, the Ahroun hones them to razor sharpness. Nick Parsons rated it liked it Nov 30, Not werewwolf is it frowned upon to attempt this for any apocwlypse other then for RP value, it just will not work for your character.

Magical confusion spells, like the Garou Gift: As consummate warriors, Ahroun must be prepared for every eventuality – including silver weaponry. Any cat is at his most terrifying when cornered. This Gift grants mental communication, even over vast distances.

Things like clasps may or may not be considered ‘closed physical devices’ according to the GM in the scene. Once the cat moves, the trance is broken. Some Bastet gifts resemble those of their lupine cousins; old tales brag that certain powers were stolen on both sides during the War of Rage. A Gremlin – a type of Wyld-spirit that enjoys breaking things – teaches this Gift. A successful Computer or Hacking roll can reduce this difficulty by 1 for every two successes same difficulties; see The Werewolf Player’s Guide, pages Werecats without a Jamak have to track down new sources of Gifts.


Naturally, this Gift can be used for all kinds of hunting…. Much of the werecats’ annoyance, some pilfered Gifts just don’t work right for them. Failure renders the Gift unusable for the rest of the scene.

This Gift allows him to become the proverbial shredding machine. Cat Sight The werewolf may see clearly in pitch darkness. Violence breaks the spell, but subtle actions like sneaking away remain unnoticed until the trance ends. Refresh and try again.

Bastet: Nine Tribes of Twilight by Phil Brucato

Change the name also URL address, possibly the category of the page. System – Once the character learns this Gift, its effects are permanent. Unlike the dogs, however, most werecats learn their Gifts from each other, or by watching others perform tricks, then practicing until they can do the trick themselves. The Gift lasts for one turn per success, bastey extends up to 30 miles distant.

Severe diseases and venoms demand a Gnosis point and a roll against difficulty 7. Storms in unlikely locations a sudden rainstorm in the desert, for instance require five or more additional successes. System – The player rolls Gnosis difficulty 7 to activate the Gift.

Black Friday This dreaded Gift, the bane of the Information Age, allows a Bastet to crash a computer network in seconds. Once you figure it out, everything makes sense and the Gift comes flowing into your memory, to be used whenever it’s needed. Jon rated it it was amazing Jun 08, Mother’s Touch, this power heals normal or aggravated wounds but unlike the Theurge Gift, can be used to heal oneself.

The Ahroun may add 10 to all his initiative rolls, which will nearly always ensure that he strikes first. Not that an outsider can tell, of course. The Bastet is not immune to the forces she calls upon….

Bastet: Nine Tribes of Twilight

This Gift also reduces the difficulty of his next Social roll by 1 for every success he rolls for the Gift. Although few nature-bound Bastet know this trick, many of their city cousins have at least heard of it. This Gift even foils sudden lights, so long wreewolf some shadows still exist to hide in.


System – By spending one point each of Rage and Gnosis, the werecat gains three extra attacks that turn to a maximum of four, total — he cannot spend Rage for extra actions while using Clawstorm. These puzzles often involve symbols and twisted logic; an example could be: Using a Gift isn’t just a matter of spending a few Gnosis and making a die roll; for the character, it involves reaching down into her essence, then into the world around her, then shaping them both into an extension of her desires.

Perfect Passage does not render the cat invisible, but it dampens all sounds and scents, eliminates footprints, opens and closes doors, springs locks, and shuts down security systems long enough for the cat to pass.

System – This ability becomes innate to those who learn the Gift. Command the Prey By chittering slightly, a Bastet may, with this Gift, make her prey come to her. I might have a little bit of kitty bias. The more successes she wins, the more she learns.

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Craft of the Maker The werewolf can shape once-living material but not undead! Today, it remains a valuable but popular trick.

The infatuation lingers for one day per success; the results may last a lifetime. Most do this by eavesdropping, or by puzzling out ancient riddles until the solution – the Gift – becomes obvious. Chronic illnesses or really lethal poisons demand two Gnosis points and a difficulty of 8 or higher. The ultimate stealth Gift; a werecat who knows this trick can travel over or through any material obstacle without leaving traces.