The year is a milestone in the history of Dictionary making in Gujarati. Bhagwadgomandal is also available in CD, which contains GujaratiLexicon. Bhagwadgomandal contains Lakh words and Lakh meanings spread across pages. It is the encyclopaedia and a cultural milestone of Gujarati.

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Bhagwadgomandal Apk Download latest version dgomandal

This option will search for words starting from your query in Bhagwadgomandal. The first volume was duly printed and published on 25 March bhagwadgomandzl Babbel — Learn Languages.

So he got issued a public appeal as under:. The dictionary prepared by Dr.

He ensured that these pamphlets reached every household even in the remote areas. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Such was his love for his mother tongue! Both are non-profit-making organizations. The Himalayan Bhagwadgomandal work was completed after bhagwadgomnadal years of relentless effort and devotion. He was also a good writer.

BhagavadGoMandal Online :: Home :: ભગવદ્રોમંડલ, ભગવદ્ગોમંદલ

Words from Vedant, sciences, technical words of all other subjects and words found in Gujarati literature are incorporated here. App Download Version 2. Bhagwatsinhji Maharaja was born on Oct 24, Just click on character and it will type in textarea. You could visit GujaratiLexicon. Maharaja himself was also doing proof reading along with others.

This apk is safe to download. We wonder how he got this idea. The very purpose of these two organizations is to make available to common Gujarati reading public good books at a very reasonable price.

Visionary Maharaja Bhagwatsinhji of Gondal gifted the original Bhagwadgomandal to the world after 26 years of scientific and detailed work. Gujaratilexicon and Arnion Team has bhagwadgomanadl Bhagwadgomandal and created its digital avatar. Naturally this trio had neither time nor bhagwadgomandzl to devote themselves substantially, if not totally, to this aspect.


The steamer he was travelling by dived down in the ocean on 14 March Shri Bhagwatsinhji created a rich encyclopedic dictionary by devoting an unimaginable period of 26 productive years and by religiously scrutinizing and researching Gujarati language’s rich vocabulary.

Besides he had earmarked three hours of everyday to meet and hear personally anyone of his subjects who wanted to make him any representation or had any complain against the state administration.

Tulasi is sansa’r me bha’t bha’t ke log. No definite information as to when he was born is available. Needless to say that Sarth does not give all meanings of a word included in the said dictionary.

This is bbagwadgomandal very important addition; still number of words so added is around It took more than 27 years of effort to collect all [ citation needed ] the words of Gujarati language and their definitions.

Ratilal Chandaria’s passion and labour of love for Gujarati language is famous at GujaratiLexicon. During his early days, his devotion and love for the language was evident from his preference for usage of Gujarati instead bhagawdgomandal English in courts, office and correspondence. He ensured that all the prevalent rules of the Gujarati language were religiously followed. GujaratiLexicon is marching ahead towards its 2 million visitors.

Select a word from list and it will show you final result. View our Contact Us page for phone and our address.

When Bhagwadgomandal was reprinted inhe immediately purchased a few sets. The very first page of this dictionary, at the very first look on it, is enough to convince the reader that this is nothing but an encyclopedia; it is an ocean of knowledge.

The notable and unique aspect of Bhagavadgomandal is that it not only lists the spellings, grammar, usage and meanings of words, but it also provides historical facts and figures, diagrams, cross-references to other words and history of origin, wherever applicable. He also wrote the book ‘History of Ayurveda’.


Bhagwadgomandal is the biggest and the most prolific work in Gujarati. The issue was briefly touched by the first President Shri Govardhanram Tripathi, and also by some Presidents who followed him. So he got issued a public appeal as under: I had a discussion with him in about this project. He has really achieved it. Drumand was indeed, a tiny one of only words, giving equivalents of these Gujarati words.

Only other known such organization is Gita press, Gorakhpur. Incidentally it may be mentioned that Govindbhai Raval had been Vice Chancellor of Gujarat Vidyapeeth and even today he is associated with it. Unlike Bhagwadgomandal, it is a single book – how convenient!

Bhagwadgomandal apk

He was a king of a princely state of India, he had ample resources at his command, he could have entrusted the work of dictionary preparation to a learned man Pundit or appointed a team of scholars. Like an expert connoisseur, he knew the importance of this work and decided to digitize Bhagwadgomandal in his lifetime. The project is aimed at benefiting the lovers of Gujarati language, researchers, academicians, authors, journalists, youth and all gujaratis across the world.

He played a pivotal role in promoting Gujarati language at the global level. In fact, for the first time in history, the world came to know that Gujarati language has such a rich vocabulary through this dictionary.

By Maharaja had collected twenty thousand words.