CA APM Introscope (formerly known as CA Wily Introscope) is a Web application management product that allows you to proactively detect. Wily | CA. Application Performance Monitoring (APM). Managing Critical Applications Introscope & Application Performance Management. CA and SAP have an agreement allowing you to use Introscope with those services and products are available from CA’s Wily Technology Division. You can .

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CA APM Introscope Reporter

Cca the client system, Java Web Start will launch the workstation using a Java version defined by these two files in the Enterprise Manager: Your Introscope administrator assigns these to you. Specifies login port number; defaults to if unspecified. Device Configuration, Inventory, and.

Within a color category, rows are alphabetized by application name.

Pcounter Web Report 3. Unsupported widgets Some dashboard widgets do not support the lensing feature: In that case metrics yutorial reported by sending GET requests with metric data metric name, type, value in query to the server.

CA APM Introscope Reporter

The latest stable version is Note that on Windows, a backslash must be escaped with another backslash. Indicates the health and availability of server resources, such as resource pools and CPU. If no truststore is specified, the server is automatically trusted.


To view the scale of a graph chart: Introscope shows the data for the custom range. Multiple resource segments create hierarchy, e. Hide the metric by unchecking its check box.

Wily Technology

Change Audit allows other RME applications to log change information to a central repository. In real-time views, the graph dynamically displays the most recent time period that fits in the graph. Easily apply 26 days ago – save job – more There are several ways of sending data to EPAgent: Filtering by agent with the Console Lens You use the Console Lens to filter metric data for the agents that are reporting data.

Trend Micro Incorporated reserves the right to make changes to this document and to the products described herein without notice. Select Properties menu, and select Show Minimum and Maximum. The agent then collects and summarizes the data and sends it to the Enterprise Manager.

For information about how Introscope identifies backends see Viewing metrics for Backends in the Investigator on page The Introscope Sizing Guide contains extensive information about the supportability metrics.


Dashboard Editor enables users with write permission for a Domain or SuperDomain to create and edit Data Viewers and other dashboard objects such as imported images, shapes, lines, and text. The current value is 28, while the typical introsocpe is 4. Double-clicking one of the alert indicators under the User column links to the URL metrics for the selected application.

Specify a keystore only if the EM has been configured to require client authentication. Introscope shows the data for that range, using the duration that you selected from the Time Range drop-down menu and setting the end time to the current time. Enterprise Manager Version 6. You must include this parameter with every request to the Workstation Command Line Interface. Specifies authentication values for username and password in a comma-separated list.

Additionally, there might be also custom metrics defined by users.

About the Workstation Console The Console is the default view when you start the Workstation, and contains dashboards that show performance data in graphical views.