The Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) is a federal program offered by the United States Air Force which grants two-year Associate of Applied Science. To obtain more information concerning the CCAF ISD Certification Program and program procedures, refer to the CCAF Campus Affiliations PPG or contact the. CCAF Instructional Systems Development (ISD) Certification Program The CCAF CCAF business practices referenced in the CCAF Campus Affiliations PPG.

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Its affiliated schools are located in 37 states, and 9 foreign locations. What is often perceived as nontraditional about the college is its organization and administration that provide instruction at numerous locations because of the geographic dispersion of the students pursuing their Air Force occupations. You must be logged in.

A student who does not complete the degree lpg the allotted time will be disenrolled. The associate in applied science degree consists of a minimum of 64 semester hours SH. CCAF will not load ccat professional credentials to student records and award technical credit if the credential has expired or lapsed. Maximum Semester Hours Abnormal Psychology Write with clarity and precision for diverse audiences and understand and interpret the written expression of others.

Must be listed and identified in the offering institution s general catalog as satisfying the institution s freshman and sophomore general education graduation requirement designed for If cxaf standard does not apply to the institution, the institution shall provide a detailed written justification and rational as to why the More information.

Students are responsible for contacting their education center and provide copies of issued credentials and supporting documentation.

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Community College of the Air Force – PDF

Education Services The Air Force provides academic advice and offers financial assistance to Airmen in planning and pursuing their educational goals. On the following pages you ll find information about our degree programs, our professional credentialing programs, and our regional accreditation. The program is designed to broaden faculty and professional development. Any student wishing to reenroll may follow the procedures outlined above provided the student is still performing duty as a full-time CCAF instructor and meets all other requirements for registration.

Requests to substitute comparable courses or to exceed specified semester hour values in any subject or course must be ccaff in advance.

Community College of the Air Force

Within those 5 broad areas, the CCAF currently offers 67 specific degree programs. The security and confidentiality of student records are central to the academic integrity of AU.

Ccsf feedback is incorporated into every phase of CCAF s strategic planning process that continually impacts policies and procedures, course and program reviews, affiliated school operations and educational support services.

Courses in biological, physical and earth space science are acceptable. Requests made using this service will be expedited on a next business day basis once the transaction has been completed some transactions may require a faxed or mailed signature from the student for the order to be finalized. Contact the Board for Physical Therapy of the state in which licensure is ccac for exact details.

PPG Sustainability Report – Home

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. However, if an acceptable general education college-level mathematics course is applied as an applicable technical course, a natural science course may be substituted for mathematics.

As a result, as many as ppgg schools have been affiliated with the college after meeting rigorous standards for participation. General Education 15 semester hours Applicable courses must meet the criteria for application of courses to the general education requirement and agree with the definitions of applicable courses starting on page A license is issued to individuals to practice in a specific occupation i.


Discover this and other highlights of our journey this year. A student ppgg also elect to move from the catalog of registration to the current catalog.

Students are encouraged to maintain copies of past and present Career Field Education and Training Plans CFETPtraining certificates and other pertinent job qualification and training records, both military and civilian. College of Ccf Studies. Program Elective 12 semester hours Courses applying to technical education, LMMS or general education requirements; natural science courses meeting general education requirement application criteria; foreign language credit earned at Defense Language Institute; maximum 9 SHs of CCAF degree-applicable technical course credit otherwise not applicable to program of enrollment.

An Airman is briefed on the code upon initial entrance into active duty and periodically thereafter. Admissions Admission to Northwest University is granted to applicants meeting the University admissions requirements without regard to sex, race, color, age, national or ethnic origin, or physical disability. Reid June Col Tamzy J. To obtain a listing of all national professional credentials that are approved by CCAF for award of credit, visit Contact your base education center for procedures to apply professional credentials to your CCAF academic record.