With this SAP FI-CIN (Country India Version for Finance module) customization ( IMG) document, each step is displayed clearly on the. SAP CIN Configuration Document is very useful for all SAP CIN consultant and or who are having aspiration to be CIN consultant. SAP System Configuration Guide Country Version IndiaSAP System Configuration Guide Country Version India Change Information No. 1.

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SAP FI CIN Configuration Material for Consultants – ERP DOCUMENTS

While doing depot sales invoice selection, list of invoices are not getting displayed. You need to check which condition is giving the problem and based on that you can verify the tax procedure from-to settings. By continuing to use this website, you configurstion to their use.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: You can leave the plant blank. Initially when you upload the balance in RG1 you need to mention the material form.

How do I maintain the opening balances for my register for the first time? How do I handle returns at factory?

Country Version India A Country Version is designed specifically to cater the business operations of that country over and above the generic SAP system functionalities. Excise invoice does not allow entry of business area.



Created by Guestlast modified by Somnath Manna on Feb 10, There is no facility at the moment to calculate the differential duty. Transaction types are used internally by CIN for various pruposes. When I release the billing document to accounting there is an error that the account key ficl missing? Normal R3 setting does not allow a billing document to be created for a delivery type NL.

In Indian Taxing procedureExcise Duty plays a vital role in manufacturing scenario’s. Do I need configuratiin maintain the chapter-ids for each plant or can it be left blank? This is recorded as a new serial no with in the original folio so that the RG23D register value tally. Can I know which are the billing documents for which there is no excise invoice? This sapp happening because the tax base for some xap condition is falling less than the tax base amount.

Once this is done you can go back to the depot and capture this extra payment into your RG23D. If you need to dynamically change this then you can make use of the user-exit. Is it possible to add some additional duty on to the depot invoice with out A certificate?

Transaction type is used for account determination by CIN. How many tax codes do I need?

If you r posting date is 5 th Dec and the November period is still open system will show zero balance. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You can re-extract the data if you have added more transaction data for the given period.


CIN Interview Questions – SAP SIMPLE Docs

If the form receipt is not maintained then the billing will do a repricing and charge full tax for the particular excise duty. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Finally check whether the extraction has been done for the period. Excise related configuration is known as CIN configuration.

But if you have already done the posting then the RG23D record is marked cancelled and the balance in the original invoice is inflated by an equivalent amount. Having opened up the new tax classification fields you might have to do the following Customer taxes maintain the possible values for JTX3.

Where does the excise invoice get the business area from? Also you need to check the excise group, which is being used.

You have ato assign the order type to the cln rule. You can use your own document type Most of the country-specific functions for India relate to Financials and Logistics.