Dark Prince is a paranormal romance written by American author Christine Feehan. Published in , it is the first book in her Dark Series, which to date has 8 Mar Dark Prince read online free from your Pc or Mobile. Dark Prince (Dark #1) is a Fantasy novel by Christine Feehan. Dark Prince: Author’s Cut (The ‘Dark’ Carpathian Book 1) and millions of other . Dark Desire: A Carpathian Novel (Dark Series) by Christine Feehan Mass.

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I had forgotten how captivating, imaginative, and amazing the Carpathians world Christine Feehan created is.

He was aroused, dangerous in his dar sexual state and far too close to turning. Badass Native sorceress teams up with a weretiger to solve mysteries and stop her evil ex from eating her heart in this USA Today bestselling series. Would you like to report poor quality or formatting in this book? Even after getting stabbed in the stomach 5 times, the very next night she wakes she stupidly leaves the safety of dark prince by christine feehan house for no reason other than dark prince by christine feehan felt caged in.

And despite his controlling ways, he didn’t get in my nerves nearly as prjnce as Raven. He would die if she died.

July Learn how and when to remove this template message. She heard male laughter, low, amused, mocking. To learn more about Amazon Sponsored Vhristine, click here.

Dark Prince by Christine Feehan

But her dark prince by christine feehan keeps her There are two forms, the virtuous Carpathian and the corrupt vampire. Carpathians, particularly female Carpathians, are being hunted down and killed.

Additionally, there has not been a female Carpathian born in hundreds of years. A human woman had somehow managed to do this for him. Alas, that’s not really an option while driving. To ask other readers questions about Dark Princeplease sign up. This was a very exciting and fascinating book to write.


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No one should be that powerful. From there you can navigate to the title you are interested in.

Dark Prince

xark Raven, being the clever and clearly cautious little monkey that she is asks, “Did you kidnap me or rescue me?

The book features vampires. Thanks to a quarter-life crisis that has left byy bereft of the simple pleasure darl enjoying a good book, I’ve been relegated to flipping through comics and smut romances in an effort to distract myself from the general tragedy that is my life.

Ships from and sold by Amazon. X Tell us more about what you like to read so we can send you the best offers and opportunities. View all dark prince by christine feehan comments. No one could penetrate his safeguards. Raven lifted her chin. Instead of 10 hours, the audiobook felt like it was twice as long and I had it in 2x speed for most of it.

She demands that Mikhail, the lifemate understand her, but she makes no attempt at patience dark prince by christine feehan understanding with him. Several tables were occupied, certainly more than the night before. Oh well, I do realize that this was book 1 in the series. That cgristine, Dark Prince being the first in the Carpathian Series was so very laughable that I find myself rising from the gloom if only princd warn others who might be expecting this here book to produce some entertaining vampire high-jinks.

He breathed with dark prince by christine feehan, for her, slow and even, matching her heartbeat until she relaxed, drowsy and worn.

That really is her name. The only good things I can say about their relationship is that Mikhail eventually lightened up and for the most part treated Raven with more gentleness and care later on, and it was nice that she had found someone who could understand and share her gift without bringing her dark prince by christine feehan physical and emotional pain that touching another person usually did.


Published 1 day ago. The way the information was woven into the plot and the characters and who they are and why they do some of the things they do made it seamless. It always hurt after using dark prince by christine feehan powers.

Dark Prince – Christine Feehan – Digital Audiobook

He closed his eyes, was able to calm the raging demons knifing pain through his body. As he lifted his head the first wave of her distress hit him. Many of the children are male and even those die within dark prince by christine feehan first year.

It was something primal. Even after getting stabbed in the stomach 5 times, the very next night she wakes she stupidly leaves the safety dark prince by christine feehan the house for no reason other than she felt caged in.

She came to save him, but who would save her from his Dark Desires? Women are forgetful creatures. I cannot tell you how happy I am to finish this book. View all 28 comments.

Juliette is pricne beautiful activist dark prince by christine feehan to the liberation of animals from the foul and humid confines of a secret jungle lab. He was half mad and cbristine darkness was overtaking him when surgeon Shea O’Halloran found him. She was already on overload, she would not be able to take the overpowering emotions radiating from him. And seriously, if the heroine was as intelligent as she was supposed to have been she would have noticed all the typical signs of vampirism but no I can only speak for myself.

And I want her.