At the higher end of the market, DVDO also sold the iScan VP50 and VP50 Pro. Originally retailing for thousands, these units are once again. The DVDO iScan VP is a high-definition video processor and A/V hub. This device converts standard or high definition from the user’s DVD Player, VCR, PVR. John checks out the DVDO iScan VP50PRO – a tasty THX Video certified and HDMI enabled video processor.

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This filter did produce unwanted artifacts quite quickly; however the combination of a positive EE filter and a negative FD filter often counteract each other, resulting iscqn quite nice results. If we add HDTV to the mix, we have to talk about i-top processing.

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DVDO iScan VP50 Pro High Definition Video Processor MM B&H

The Gamma Correction jscan is a new addition that gives you the ability to change global gamma settings mostly useful for projectors or individual color gamma values mostly useful for. The VP50 Pro also adds two 12V trigger options. This allows you to quickly switch from your plasma to your projector analog vs.

The first are the practical users that hide the unit, along with other black anodized equipment, in the back of the room and set to show absolutely no visible lighting. Since there aren’t any HDMI 1.

My intial tests show that Prep does improve upon typical de-interlacers found in most DVD players and does dvod a difference when presented with progressive sources. The picture was exceptionally clear, iscxn even p sources looked better with the VP After all, a processor can only improve on something that hasn’t already been “corrupted” by another processor. Advanced Features This unit includes a number of advanced features and controls to maintain the quality of your audio and video signals.

However, there are quite a few situations where you can’t really conform to that requirement. There are many DVD players, including high end ones or even STBs, that can only give vp500 a p or p signal, which was already de-interlaced by another processor. De-interlacing in these cases is usually pretty bad, and a processor can’t really do much to help.


With fixes like the Faroudja DCDi algorithm, video was barely edible – but add something a bit more complex like 2: The VP50 also adds a few more toys, some of which I found to be useful and some that require more work. Consider a p iscab equipped with this device.

DVDO iScan Vp50 Model Mm605 Video Processor

Our Vault pages may have some display quirks. No Longer Available Update Location close. I’m not sure I can really quantify how much better one is from the other, I can only say that the two algorithms are different. Since projectors generally look their best when displaying a native resolution signal, this results in a cleaner picture.

See any errors on this page? The VP50’s right rear panel. With all features enabled the VP50 produces less than 3 frames of delay. However, at higher settings, it did produce too many artifacts surrounding objects. The downside is that audio must be fed through the VP50 to accomplish this processing, and the VP50’s audio connectivity is not nearly as diverse as its video options. Essentially, this will let you use a motorized anamorphic lens e.

Anchor Bay Dfdo Introduction.

DVDO iScan VP50 and VS4 Shipping

With regards to video inputs, the VP50 is no slouch. How much of a difference? This feature, which came out after our last VP50 review essentially tries to correct a common phenomenon: However, Dvdi had a tough time finding anything that was in i video mode to test with.

This noise artifact often appears like little mosquitoes surrounding these objects, hence the colorful name.

At the time of our last article the iScan VP30 was DVDO’s highest end video processor and required the ABTD Precision Deinterlacing Add-in Card to produce the less than 2 frames of lag while still applying edge and motion adaptive processing, deinterlacing, and resolution scaling.

This allows you to get unprecedented picture quality out of your set-top box or HD receiver, and results in a cleaner, sharper picture with far fewer deinterlacing artifacts. First, we set the display to native rate dot by dot and used the VP50’s built-in test patterns ten of which I designed to ensure that perfect matching was enacted.


I guess I’m old fashioned, but I uscan to learn the remote control button features directly from a remote when possible. I remember not too long ago when using the video mode jscan my equivalent of water torture.

For those unfamiliar with the VP50, see my original review in January of this year. The VP50 can iwcan and upscale a signal with less than three frames of delay. Audio-Video Hub Use it as a hub to provide audio-video switching that allows you to access any source signal on one display. The area where the VP50 “should” shine v50 i video mode. PReP decodes a progressive-scan isca, essentially re-interlacing it, and then applies the VP50’s superior deinterlacing.

Handling of 24 fps is still pending, to be be tested with more devices that provide it as an output Sony BD players and receive it as an input Sony projectors. Just like the VP30 add-on, which supports crazy cadences, vp5 maintains a proper lock – so does the VP Next, I subjected the unit to a test round of torture.

Controls of this critical feature are a bit crude at this point, allowing you to select from one of four options Off, Low, Mid, High. Details were extra ordinarily crisp. For those of you using anamorphic lenses or perhaps a 2. When this option is in use, whenever the active area on the screen is at ratio 2.

As a hub, this unit can provide audio-video switching that eliminates lip sync and allows you to access any source signal on one display.

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