Un fantástico viaje entre el Cielo y el Infierno En El Gran Divorcio, C. S. Lewis de nuevo utiliza su formidable talento para contar fábulas y alegorías. En un. C. S. (Clive Staples) Lewis, “Jack” to his intimates, was born on November 29, in Belfast, Ireland. His mother died when he was 10 years old and his lawyer. 2 ReviewsWrite review html?id=m7DnW0R1BGIC. El gran divorcio: un sueño. By C. S. Lewis. About this .

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There are one or two well-drawn characterizations, but the narrator I think by choice is not one of them. We see this in the parable of the rich man and Lazarus. And this can be very detrimental to the faith of Christians.

I don’t agree with the view of purgatory or repenting after death. I know this is a beloved book, but I just can’t rate it highly. In his defense, seeing as Lewis was of the Protestant persuasion, the last page makes it clear that the narrator was sleeping and hence the story c.s.leais merely a dream. My favorite aspect of the book in my first reading was the way that grace was displayed by those who were in heaven.

El gran divorcio: un sueño – C. S. Lewis – Google Books

Narrator Robert Whitfield is an excellent choice for C. See all 3 questions about El gran divorcio…. She loved her son too little, not too much. In the thirteenth section, Lewis deals with the problem of people grieving over souls lost.


I remember a book I read once where the people in heaven didn’t like each other much and so heaven was getting more and more spread out because they didn’t want to live by each other. That all being said, I do think when Lewis talked about heaven, he was fascinating and helpful as he usually is.

The Great Divorce, by C. Return to Book Page.

El gran divorcio: Un sueño

Another ghost wants to immediately return to the small grey town and continue fighting for the sake of art. Surprisingly, this was my first reading of this book, and listening in the car probably dampened my imagination and enjoyment.

Lewis was writing more about freedom of the will and its corruption by sin and redemption by grace. Those who like and often read fantasies probably would enjoy this book more than I did.

El gran divorcio: un sueño

Some parts were sort of confusing,but overall it was pretty good. But once again, the Bible simply will not have it. Maybe I should reread the book again in the future after researching a bit more of Lewis’ rationale for some of his narrations. This is probably the only exploration of heaven and hell that I would listen to for four .cs.lewis.

El gran divorcio: Un sueño by C.S. Lewis (3 star ratings)

Open Preview See a C.s.lewiz Often those who think that they are better than, or less sinful, or more morally upright, or whatever thing we use to prop ourselves up in comparison of “Others” are often the ones outsiders look upon as being not very good people. Very much standing out to me was the scene in which a man with a reptile on his shoulder was speaking to a solid being The density of heavenly beings is much higher than of earthly or ‘helly’ creatures.


In fact, I found that it might have been quite unhelpful at times, especially concerning Christian truth. And I actually agree with him here. The protagonist is mentored by George Macdonald and they eavesdrop into several ghosts’ conversations.

If you’re a very literal person, you might stumble at the pictures in this book that don’t align with Biblical teaching about the nature of heaven and hell. Graan for those who are not religious, we can see ourselves doing the same if we look deep within.

Those who choose misery can hold joy up to ransom, by pity.

In all, I would recommend this book to fans of C. The solid being could just have taken off the reptile and kill it. It begins in a small grey town. What helped me the most was discussing it with my friend, Kathleen, and answering study guide questions together. There have been men before divorccio who got so interested in proving the existence of God that they came to care nothing for God himself… as if the good Lord had nothing to do but to exist.