The Bronze Horseman is a romance novel written by Paullina Simons and the first book in the Bronze Horseman Trilogy. The book begins on 22 June , the . El jinete de bronce (El jinete de bronce 1) eBook: Paullina Simons: : Kindle-Shop. El jinete de bronce (El jinete de bronce 1) (CAMPA√ĎAS, Band ) | Paullina Simons, ALBERTO; COSCARELLI GUASCHINO | ISBN:

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In my opinion, it’s as tastefully done as it can be, while also giving the reader a lot of angst that makes the book unable to be put down, but I completely understand how this would be a major turn off for many readers, therefore I think it’s very important to note.

Tatiana and Alexander should have been el jinete de bronce paullina simons from the start.

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Other times I felt cold, I felt hungry, and I felt so very sad. Please select your preferred region. The Bronze Horseman is one of my all-time favorites! Right from the start. It’s not the greatest piece of literature out there in the world, nor is it the greatest love story every told but it comes pretty close to me.

Then I read her family’s personal story in the afterward for this novel, and I felt so much for her. She wanted her friend and her twin back. This also effected the plot because most of the book was the two characters running around in circles over el jinete de bronce paullina simons other. On to Book 2!! And I believe in, and el jinete de bronce paullina simons for, and love Alexander for life.


We all know that many el jinete de bronce paullina simons lost a lot of lives in the war but just reading about what the people went through really hurts my heart. While waiting for the next bus, she notices a red army officer watching her, and he eventually crosses the street and introduces himself as lieutenant Alexander Belov.

To think, I nearly passed over this book because I don’t usually read historical romances.

Sharing secrets, telling stories, they become close. Well, I’m here to somehow convince you to just give it a chance! Kristin KC – Traveling Sister.

I have cried, yes, but I have never felt so heart-broken el jinete de bronce paullina simons painfully aware of the characters and their actions. This is the most intense and epic love story EVER told!! When they arrive at Tatiana’s apartment, they discover he is the man Dasha has fallen in love with.

Be prepared for having your heart ripped out over and over. I must admit to feeling like I was drowning in ell sea of sadness most of the time while reading this, and just when I’d come up for air, another horrific event would pull me back under.

The rest of the war, etc is pretty much glossed right over. What do you love? I also felt like she just gave up her will to live after finding out that Alexander probably loves Tatiana, and paullia that information just broke me more.

Knowing el jinete de bronce paullina simons I will keep it in mind as I read the next two books.

The Bronze Horseman (The Bronze Horseman, #1) by Paullina Simons

The hunger, the loss of family simon friends Tatiana, worried after not hearing from Alexander, goes back to Leningrad to find him. I literally stayed up reading till the sun came up and got up 4 hours later to finish it.


But will it be enough? Exquisite, bold, extremely descriptive. What do you hope for?

From the exaggerated innocence vs villainous qualities of the characters, to the constant rehashing of old details. View all 24 comments. Yet, I do think there is some very important symbolism there. The strength of spirit from our main characters is incredible to watch. This might have even been my first historical fiction book I’ve read all year and we’re already halfway done with !

View all 58 comments. This story is impossible to review properly. Some more irritating things: Have you ever tried to find the words, but they don’t come out right?

After finding out that he is safe, el jinete de bronce paullina simons stays and works as a nurse at Grechesky Hospital in Leningrad, wanting to stay near him. Tatiana MetanovaAlexander Belov. El jinete de bronce paullina simons main story lies in the romance with Tatiana Metanova and Alexander Belov. It was required reading in school, and then she actually came to my school and we were able to meet and talk with her for a bit. Every single moment is a recorded moment in time.

Their whole story from beginning to end was just heart-wrenching. Have you ever needed someone so bad, you can’t sleep at night?