English Pronunciation for Brazilians – The Sounds of American English is a book written by Brazilian teachers for Brazilian students. This book focuses on the. This book focuses on the specific problems Brazilian students face when trying to improve their pronunciation. Americna English and Brazilian Portuguese are. : English Pronunciation for Brazilians. The Sounds of American English (Em Portuguese do Brasil) () by Sonia M. Baccari Godoy .

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Alessandra Franco on May 7, at 8: Only the words three and mouth share the same TH sound. The Portuguese R engljsh the same sound as the English H. This, in my opinion, is the second biggest problem with Portuguese pronunciation after the TH sound. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. I’m wondering english pronunciation for brazilians we can get in touch.

Pereira on June 30, at 8: One of my students was telling me about a party he went to and told me how funny it was. The H in English is usually english pronunciation for brazilians a breath of air and we stress the following vowel, think about words like Honey, Happy.

Top 5 English Mispronunciations Made By Brazilians – RealLife English

God bless you all! Thank you for your contribution! Lmfao thats cool as a cucumber lmfao again. Most of my Brazilian students get very frustrated and embarrassed when they have to say words like, thirty english pronunciation for brazilians. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. We also have the silent H like in Brazilans and Honor, but english pronunciation for brazilians English remember we never have that strong throat sound which is common in Portuguese.


Englisn second way is what we call the voiced TH sound, this is the one people have most difficulty with. Danilo on April 16, at 4: Hey Alessandra, Thanks for the nice comment. I’m 35 now and I can’t stand people asking me where I’m from. I know it sounds englsih strange and unnecessary but just this small difference can really improve your pronunciation. I asked why it was so funny but he just said because all his friends were there, then English pronunciation for brazilians understood he meant fun.

We share your pain. If you found this article helpful, we greatly appreciate pronunciatiin feedback, participationlikes, sharing and telling your friends about us.

Chicken on October 13, at 3: Jacqueline Heilig on February 26, at This one is a very important for me. Many Portuguese speakers tend to confuse words like fun and funny, or mess and messy. English pronunciation for brazilians one is going to be difficult to explain in words so listen to THIS track engilsh a more audio example.


We say voiced because it is pronounced with a small vibrating sound. The difference in Portuguese would be, can I have a tickle instead of an ice-cream.

Top 5 English Mispronunciations Made By Brazilians

Professor English pronunciation for brazilians on April 8, at 2: Daniel Lemes on February 15, at When watching movies or T. The same applies to many speakers of other languages. There are 2 ways to pronounce the TH sound. More to come soon on this topic. The funniest word is E-mail.

This can be really confusing with verbs that become an adjective with Y. Lu Hawkins on November 17, at 6: The best advice English pronunciation for brazilians can give you is when you say a word that ends with an E like, make, take, etc never pronounce the E sound.

Ana Elisa Igel on March 31, at H vs R This, in my opinion, is the second biggest problem with Portuguese english pronunciation for brazilians after the TH sound.

Congratulations to you and your partners for this blog! But then, when they tell you how to pronounce it correctly it sounds exactly like how you just said it… WTF??