30 May Eyeon Software Digital Fusion is my collection of Digital Fusion tutorials to share with everyone. Offiial tutorials and training from Eyeon. Vito LaManna Shows How to Create Super-Realistic Soft Shadows in Fusion. Shadows are a simple thing to create in Fusion, yet if you want highly realistic. 14 Oct (formally Digital Fusion) is Eyeon’s flagship motion graphics and video compositing package, used in a variety of films that are currently in.

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After you watch the first video, the player below will automatically skip to the next video.

Desired Tutorials From Eyeon

If we had to use a 3rd party tool like Renderman to render, why not go that tugorials, so that Eyeon didn’t waste their time re-inventing the wheel – adding costs for those who don’t want it.

Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. He’s been more than generous with his time as it is. The series covers everything you need to know to get started.

Posted 07 September – I rewinded twice because I thought I had misunderstood. Tuotrials tutorials covered include the following topics in this order: New to Blackmagic Fusion? More articles from this Author.

I honestly would buy it if they made for Windows. Loading low-poly FBX models and shading them in Fusion isn’t quite how it’s done in real life.

Search Advanced Search section: Check out blender’s feature list here: The tutorials covered include the following topics in this order:. Offiial tutorials and training from Eyeon: I can’t speak for anyone else, but being able to use reflections is very, very useful. I guess I just don’t see why we bifurcate tasks between a 3D app and a compositor, when having more 3D app features in Fusion but certainly not modelingwould seem to be an advantage? You can also navigate to a different video by selecting the menu icon in the top left of the player window.


Desired Tutorials From Eyeon – Fusion – Pigs Fly from Flying Pig Ranch

Note that I linked to just one part of that “course” because it was covering tutoriaps the same subject as the other video; there’s a lot of nonsense in the other parts as well ex.

Tutorials written by Jason Kolodziejczak Excellent! However, Marcus is no doubt busy earning a living, and probably doesn’t have the time to do an in depth tutorial – and That way they could just call it Fu5—. FXGuide tutorials for Digital Fusion. But I have hatched a plan Posted 09 September – I’d like to make it a real-life situation by not going full CG I don’t have access to a 3D app tutorjals but using a filmed plate which means you’re stuck with what was shot on set and you’ll have to fix it in post – keying a miniature motion control shot of a submarine of course this will be a fake using an fbx and a green background.

Maybe even Marcus would benefit, if Eyeon came up with some ideas he might like to incorporate into his work? Generic tutorials should be done by good teachers. Are they totally discontinuing or is another company goiing to pick up and make it under their brand name? Shadows should be a result of geometry, not texture. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next. If somebody wants to shade and render a submarine for this in 3dsmax or maya, feel free to contact me: User contributed Flows available for download.


So, not only were beginners paying for that, but they were “learning” to do things completely the wrong tutoruals. Share in the comments below! There’s often better stuff for free on YouTube or Vimeo though it’s more fragmented. Fusion keying tutorial in which the instructor stated it a good idea to colour grade the foreground image before pulling the key.

You’re obviously way ahead of me in terms of Fusion and 3D graphics, but It’s just a difficult request to “please make a video about x, y, z”. If you have a clue about texturing, this will make you cringe. Posted 10 September – They have footage and even if you enrolled in a Nuke course to get it, you could profit a lot from trying to transfer the classes to Fusion. A ‘feed back loop’ – where ideas go in – and even better ideas come out.

Eyfon a bit dated this book still contains good knowledge and covers DF http: Several functions may not work.