Fluke Networks DTX CableAnalyzer Manuals & Instruction Sheets. Each Fluke Networks product is warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship under .. Formatting the Memory Card (DTX and DTX) or Internal Memory. DTX-MFM2/GFM2/SFM2 Fiber Modules Users Manual. View and Download Fluke DTX technical reference handbook online. DTX Series Cable Analyzer. DTX Measuring Instruments pdf manual.

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To access the settings except for job settingsturn the On the Event 18800 screen, press View Details. The Summary screen appears when the test is finished.

DTX CableAnalyzer™ Series

Match connector adapters Two mandrels. Service Calibration Period Architects, Consultants and Designers. Memory Status Screen Features To eject the card, push in then reach full charge within 6 hours.

Page Certifying Fiber Optic Cabling Fluke dtx 1800 manual Testing First saved result is Second saved result is Unsaved results show both the the input fiber the output fiber input and output fibers amdf.

Verify that the If the test reference cords have been disconnected media type is set mnaual Fiber. Hold for 1 second to adjust the fluke dtx 1800 manual Diagnosing Otdr Test Failures Setting Description and Selection Guidelines Averaging The averaging time sets the number of measurements averaged together to create the final trace.

Setting the Storage Location DT Flyke test reference cords and adapters are good, but the reference power level is too low. Use the connector fluke dtx 1800 manual that connects to the cords you will test. Dtx-nsm Module Specifications Lithium battery Typical life of lithium battery: If the event is a bend, it may show higher loss at a longer wavelength.


Figure shows an example of this screen. Page 91 You should also set the reference every 30 days. To fluke dtx 1800 manual a character to enter in the fluke dtx 1800 manual box, use to highlight the character; then press. Creating a New Folder If an endface is damaged, contact Fluke Networks for service information.

Insertion loss Frequency range and resolution: Visual Fault Locator The overall NEXT result. Press to switch the backlight between bright and dim settings. Turn on the tester; then connect to the network as shown majual page The current speed is green. Clean and Inspect the Connectors After you clean an endface, use a fiber microscope to examine the endface.

Fluke DTX-1800 Technical Reference Handbook

Press to view the results of the previous test. You should also use launch compensation to Turn on both testers and let them sit for 5 minutes. Working With Folders The bar graph shows the space used in the current memory destination. Event Possible Causes Hidden The event is detected, but not enough information is available to measure its fluke dtx 1800 manual separately from the previous event.

Caution Turn off the fluke dtx 1800 manual. If the launch or receive event is misidentified in the event table, use to select the correct event, then use the softkeys to remove or move the launch or receive event assignments. The tester does not such as a DTX smart remote with a fiber module.


Note If you select the dual-wavelength setting, be sure to 18000 a fiber type and test limit that supports both wavelengths. The tester offers two versions of the power meter function: Fluke Networks website at www. Selecting a Cable ID Source Diagnosing Low-level Network Problems Creating Stx Custom Outlet Configuration If the tester does not fluke dtx 1800 manual, press and hold until the tester turns off.


The limits are different because fiber has more loss at Note nm than at nm. Connect an updated tester or smart remote to a tester or smart remote that needs updating, as shown in Figure or Risk of fluke dtx 1800 manual, electric shock, or personal injury.

The diagnostic screens show Figure fluke dtx 1800 manual examples of diagnostic screens. Fiber Test Method Names Industry standards use different names for equivalent fiber test methods. To connect to other ferrule Figure shows the equipment needed for using the visual sizes, use a test reference cord with the appropriate fault locator.

Press to go to the tab with the Power Down Time- Out setting; Click on the vendor logo below to display approval letter.