French Lover is the story of Nilanjana, a young Bengali woman from Kolkata who moves to Paris after getting married to Kishanlal, a restaurant. French Lover by Taslima Nasrin – book cover, description, publication history. French Lover by Taslima Nasrin, the Bangladeshi author. Read this article to know more about the major themes in the novel. Read more on.

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The ending of the story give us a lot of room for thought and Neela’s conclusion will make us think for days. It is a lovely book, I liked Taslima’s writing.

Even a causal reading of the novel makes one conscious that Nasrin is not onlywriting about her female protagonist Nila, who is a victim of the institution of marriageand identity crisis, but through Nila, also about haslima women who are subjugated andenslaved.

Although this is a story of all about a girl and her freedom but somehow I’ve found the protagonist ‘Nila’ little confusing in herself. This article on French Lover focuses on the predominant thematicconcerns of Nasrin as a feminist.

French Lover ~ Taslima Nasreen

Read the Text Version. Her struggle in India shows the other side of the society where women aren’t considered equal as men. Nila is nothing more than a housekeeper and sex object for her old husband. The analysis focuses on the failure of marriage in thecase of various individuals, especially all the chief characters.

Why did Nila dump Benoir? Love in This Foreign Land. Return to Book Page. May 20, subhash txslima it really liked it. Her husband ‘keeps her well’, with a roof on her head, food in her stomach and clothes to cover yeah, right but doesn’t allow her to venture out or work.

I liked the other book ‘Lajja’ written by the same author Ms. Benoir introduces Nilanjana to the streets, cafes and art galleries of Paris. Open Preview See a Problem?


From Gare du Nord to Gare dAusterlitz. According to the Indian tradition, a relationship is deemed to last for everand to keep the concerned people happy, while encounters, where a man and a womanmeet each other and find themselves indulging in certain actions frennch end only inunhappiness, regret and reproach, with no possibility of a compromise and happysolution.

A women goes to paris after her marriage to live with her husband.

French Lover

It turns out that Danielle is a lesbian, who uses Nila as a tool just like her husband. It is a question of whether a woman will be treated as an equal ever by a man. The relationship ends when Nilanjana realises that Benoir’s first priority is himself and not the woman he loves, and that taslina need for him has ended. The novel is peppered with some third world problems in the first world, namely the difficulties faced in immigrating, uselessness of the native degrees in foreign land, racism but that’s about it.

French Lover by Taslima Nasrin

Comparing her past and present brilliantly empathising on her freedom and independence. The view of French psyche through a Bengali’s eyes and vice versa is done in a deep as well as in frehch relatable way.

Oct 27, Madhura rated it did not like it. The subordination of women under patriarchy is a common subject all over theworld.

Then again,before putting everything on men, is it to ignore that the same patterns of odds had been taken place in her lesbian relationship as well? Anyway, the takeaway from this book seems to be, for meat least, is don’t marry someone financially dependent on you, because they will have an inferiority complex about themselves, which they will might use to put the blame on their significant other in case you give your opinion to them. Her journey and bold moves on one hand make you feel very liberated but on the other, I found her unreasonable at times.


This book is frankly a huge disappointment, tas,ima for your fans. It may be not necessarily from unknown men but the men of their own familyand men who happened to be their friends. In my point of view “you have just written whatever came to your mind. Political asylum they may just allow, but economical asylum – never! She further took a small job where her co-worker Daniella provide her shelter who end up using Nila for her lesbian pleasure.

French Lover – Taslima Nasreen | Shadows Galore

She inspires very little sympathy and absolutely no curiosity. Want to Read saving…. Pathetically enough, sex does not distinguish adaughter or a friend, Nasrin generalizes the plight of women by introducing variouswomen characters in parallel situations where haslima the experience of one woman happens tobe that of other women.

Monique Mathew, the French citizen turned Indian,after marrying an Indian, travels from France to India in the hope of living with herloving husband forever. Daniella and Benoire are the next major characters who helps txslima develop the story. Taslima Nasrin, a secular humanist and human rights activist, is known for her powerful writings on women’s rights and unflinching criticism of religious fundamentalism despite forced banishment and multiple fatwas calling for her death.

Penguin Books India Pvt. Through the character of Nila, Nasrin portraysthe inner struggle of an artist to express her feminine urge for self-expression. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Nila has supposedly read Voltaire and various other American and Indian authors. French Lover Author s: