THE GALDRABOK, or Book of Magic, is the most important single document for understanding the practice of magic in late medieval Iceland. In this translation. “Galdrabók” is the Icelandic term for a book of magic or grimoire. This page discusses one particular book of this kind, translated into English by Stephen Flowers. The Galdrabok an Icelandic Grimoire, By Stephen Flowers. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Get Started.

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Today Iceland has the highest literacy rate and the highest per capita book-publishing rate in the world. The current known version of the Galdrabok is known to have been written by four scribes, working over a period of around one hundred years. The Witch’s Spellbook Sarah Bartlett. Very highly recommended for fans of The Necronomicon or other grimoires.

The Galdrabok 79 Write this stave on the cross-beam with chalk, and the hammer shall be cast by the shaft when the sun is the strongest62 agldrabok that [should] be [made of] material which has never been used, unstamped copper or brass.

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Much of it is to be found in AM a which is in the possession of the A. This term is generally used only in Christian contexts. We have records for only twenty-sb executions mostly by burning for witchcraft. Notify me when new comments are posted. And you should have this stave next to your breast. Health problems may occur for the unborn child of a mother with Rh-Negative blood when the baby is Rh-Positive. Cambridge University Press, It is an attempt to turn her free will genuinely toward the magician, but it is couched in the magical forms of threats and curses.

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The word moldthurs clearly means earth-thurs -giantwhich perhaps indicates a reversed i.

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To play a joke on someone, so that he cannot hold his food down the whole day long Carve these staves into cheese or fish and have whoever you want to make fun of eat it, and whatever he eats that day will be of no use to him.

There are essentially two kinds of magic worked here. It is curious, however, that their sources of magical lore are the same as often from Satan or Odhinn as from the Christian God ; and in the books that have galdrzbok, all kinds of magic are merrily mixed together.

These last two words are obvious misspellings or alterations of the name Jehova Sebaoth Yahweh Tzabaoththe ancient Hebrew war god. University of Toronto Press, One fourth of the tithe paid to the church and the fines imposed by the courts went directly to the king of Denmark.

See Simpson, Legends of Icelandic Magicians, p. Often these methods are combined so that the overal Icelandic Books of the Black Art 31 ritual formula is very similar to the kind practiced in ancient times and reported of Egill Skallagrfmsson, for example.

Have this sign on gray paper under your left arm when you are talking to somebody. In our Galdrabxkur we only have the bare remnants of a fragmented system.


Galdrabok: An Icelandic Grimoire

A striking feature of the Iceland books of magic is their use of complex magical signs. Share Collections to anyone by email or to other Shutterstock users. Holt, Rinehart and Winston, This is apparently an ancient Indo-European concept, as is shown in the etymology of the Greek drakon — the one with the evil eye.

They contain the names of the great gods and goddesses of the ancient Ger- The Old Gods and the Demons of Hell 41 manic religion, but they do not seem to be organized in any way especially meaningful to the pagan theology.

Remember thou, mayweed, what thou modest known, what thou sought at Alorford, so that never a man should lose his life, after mayweed was made ready for his meat. This sign is used by magicians to call out thieves and other witcheries.

This poetr probably dates from the early tenth century. Thou wilt meet with ruin unless thou lovest me — thou shalt freeze on thy galfrabok and thou wilt never meet with honor or happiness. Additionally, certain small stones, called in Icelandic lyf steinar herb-magical healing stonesare thought to have power: Open Preview See a Problem? University of Ga,drabok Press, Graphic signs including runes and other written characters’ are thought to be conduits or doorways through which variou: The protective sign that comes now is called Astros.

The Stolen Treasure of Montezuma.