Bruges-La-Morte by Georges Rodenbach is one of those minor pieces of world literature that can have a major effect on the reader. It is not a sublime work of art, . 3 / 1 / Georges Rodenbach, Bruges-la-Morte. James Elkins. This is the book most often taken as the starting point for novels illustrated with photographs. BRUGES-LA-MORTE t ‘Ronance. BY. GEORGES RODENBACH. Translated from the rench, with a Critical. Introduction, by. THOMAS DUNCAN. WITH THREE.

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Symbolist painter Fernand Knopff, also of Bruges, did the original frontispiece, and later did his own versions, ghostly and elegaic, of several of the photos: Hugues Viane is a disconsolate widower who has found a matchless companion in the lonely melancholy of Bruges, a city whose glorious days of trade have waned into a suffocating atmosphere of religious conservatism.

It is consistent with the pictures of the city throughout the book: Each is the other and enables us now to dedicate ourselves not to the stopping of life but to the dedication of our life to the devoted mourning of our dead love. Rodenbach must surely have been a Nerval fan. It is believed to be the first work of fiction illustrated with photographs. He had heard the slow persuasion of the stones, he had truly discerned the nature of things there, not to survive the death all around.

Their edition also reproduces Rodenbach’s photos of Bruges, as they appeared in the original publication. Cosa che ho potuto notare personalmente, essendo stata a Bruges in gennaio. Il y rode comme un fantome dans les rues Au bout de cinq ans, il croit rencontrer le revenant de sa femme. Bruges becomes the mute narrator and the ultimate protagonist of the story, Hugues the mirror that refracts it to the reader and Jane, a grotesque object disguised as femme fatale that gives a Gothic touch to the outcome of the novel.


Bruges-la-Morte by Georges Rodenbach : Our Books :: Dedalus Books, Publishers of Literary Fiction

As in Vertigo when Madeleine Elster refuses to assume the persona that Scottie wants her to, Jane resists the transformation. I thought that was brilliant. What happens next you will have to find out from this unfortunately neglected little book, which it will take rodwnbach only an hour or so to read. There is a brooding openness to the supernatural, and a looming architectural presence, which also has clear links with the Gothic.

But a close looks reveals a person and a half standing next to him, accompanied by a blur a second person?

A brief glimpse of Bruges

Books by Georges Rodenbach. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Rodembach mondo, altrove, continuasse pure ad agitarsi, a fremere, ad accendere le sue feste, a intrecciare le sue mille voci.

Refresh and try again. Indeed, he literally worships her memory and treats her things like relics.

When he’s not staring at her pictures, he’s out taking moody walks along the canals. Paperback 1 82 6 Ebook 1 20 8 Rights: In this sense every photograph is either part of a portrait, or—in a wonderful equivocation—all the photographs comprise a portrait.


Jul 15, Dolors rated it it georgees amazing Recommended to Dolors by: But it is those descriptions that make Bruges-la-Morte so remarkable. A solitary life in a large house, each day repetitively scheduled including walks through the brooding empty streets of Bruges where the only occasional passers by are elderly women, bent and hooded apparitions of the march of death.

He becomes obsessed with a young dancer whom he believes is the double of his beloved wife, leading him to psychological torment and humiliation, culminating in a deranged murder. Inthe Flemish film director Roland Verhavert adapted the novel as ” Brugge, die stille “. In their absence they enable our presence.

All we know about the house is its largeness and mlrte gloom, housing him and his elderly female servant. There are some paragraphs here that seem to be made up entirely of alexandrines. I sometimes get the worrying feeling that nineteenth-century men preferred their women to be dead than alive.


The book is short and the ill advised affair undertaken by Viane is plotted in grim detail. The plot of the book may also have influenced the French crime novel D’entre les morts by Boileau-Narcejac, which was filmed by Alfred Hitchcock as Vertigo in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Worth searching out for those wanting a nice gloomy masterpiece of dark imagination that touches on the decadent and fantastic. Equally beautiful and beloved in its former days, the city was the virtual incarnation of Hugues’s own loss.

It is the ultimate evocation of Rodenbach’s lifelong love affair with the enduring mystery and haunting mortuary atmosphere of Bruges. More than once he had felt this seduction. Thus, within us, our dead die a second time.

Review: Bruges-la-Morte by Georges Rodenbach | Books | The Guardian

The Madonnas of the Primitives have similar flowing locks, descending in calm ripples. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Jane pour sa part n’est pas meilleure. Bruges-La-Morte by Georges Rodenbach. His, ours, Bruges, is not a concrete world but a world of resemblances. I was also impressed by how he worked his themes into the narrative, in a way that is touching and engaging without being too heavy-handed.

E The photographs are of a city. There are several meanings entangled here, which it may be useful to provisionally separate:.

Someone has also numbered them, in pencil, in the copy on the Internet Archive. A The city is a character. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. He had thought long and hard about killing himself. Drawn too close together, the differences appeared. The quays of Bruges.