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Caracol manzana en el Delta del Ebro. The Commission has no detailed information available as regards the German laboratories that have analysed the samples of hazelnuts from Turkey imported in The Commission reports yearly in detail to the Member States and the European Parliament on progress in Turkey’s fulfilling of the criteria for accession and on persisting concerns.

De Commissie rapporteert jaarlijks in detail aan de lidstaten en het Europees Parlement over de voortgang van Turkije bij de naleving van de criteria voor de toetreding en over aanhoudende punten van zorg.

If not, how can it prove the opposite?

How can the Commission ensure that European airspace is not be violated again, even in this distant Eastern Mediterranean border region?

Furthermore, there is evidence that Hepatitis E can be transmitted by blood transfusion and has recently been found in donated blood in a number of countries.

The Commission has not concluded guidelines with other countries for the time being.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Could the delay of the MFF serve as an excuse for the delay in the preparation of partnership agreements by Member States? Is there a mechanism for intensive implementation decargar guarantee measures in the first two years of the new programming period in the context of the delayed adoption of the MFF?

The organisers of sports events descarhar a responsibility to respect human rights. The directive itself does not regulate professions; this is left to the Member States’ discretion. The Commission’s replies to the Court’s observations are presented within the document.

The EU is however particularly concerned with the shortcomings of the judicial proceedings and raises the issue of the death penalty and of Iraq’s criminal justice system on a regular basis with Iraqi interlocutors at the highest level.


Giovanni Sartori La Democracia en 30 lecciones | Antonio Ruiz –

Indication of origin for rare mushrooms. Can the Commission state the amount of pre-accession funding that Turkey has received since it was granted candidate status? It resulted in major shrinkages of bank’s balance sheets, down to outright resolution in the case of West LB.

Investing in preventive screening for these disorders is therefore vitally important. Would the Commission support the idea of Qatar having the right to hold the World Cup withdrawn if it does not respect human rights?

It also highlights that the same designated points of import that have facilities to sample hazelnuts for aflatoxins are considered to be in a position to sample for pesticide residues. What does the Council think of devising policy specifically aimed at developing multipurpose space capability? De antwoorden van de Commissie op de opmerkingen van de Rekenkamer zijn in het document opgenomen.

Threat to the Peloponnese rail network. However, at the moment industrial CHP is facing several market challenges as the electricity market slowly makes the transition. The polio epidemic that has broken out in the province of Deir Ezzor in north-east Syria has now been confirmed.

In addition, local media and NGOs are raising awareness on this issue.

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The agenda for the trip included a visit to Parliament, where the participants had the opportunity to meet only one MEP, who belonged to the Social Democratic Party.

Concerning the applicability of public procurement rules, such rules apply in principle only to the award stage and do not include any obligation upon contracting authorities to intervene in case the projects awarded face debt sustainability 3.

Does the Commission share the view that, in this area, Turkey is actually sliding further and further backwards? Disastrous ecological consequences of illegal gold mines in the rainforest.

Le valutazioni della Commissione europea sono sempre giofanni in linea con le severe norme UE in materia di aiuti di Stato e hanno portato a tagli importanti nei bilanci delle banche o addirittura alla liquidazione nel caso di WestLB. Does the State have an obligation under public procurement regulations to intervene if projects are unable to sustain their debt?


In these circumstances, does the Commission intend to oppose the request to modify the specifications for the Roncal PDO and thus preserve the rationale behind registered destinations lecciomes origin?

The European Commission concludes in its communication that this merger is compatible with the internal market because, according to its in-depth investigation, Olympic Air giovabni be forced to exit the market in the near future due financial difficulties if not acquired by Aegean. Is this not seemingly just a pious wish?

Does the Commission have any details regarding the fortification of the borders in Melilla? Fondi erogati alla Turchia in quanto paese in fase di preadesione. According to media reports, in Italy one in 20 children has to earn money to support his or her parents financially. Results are available democgacia pesticide residue analyses on hazelnut samples from Turkey. The EU then also called on Russia to clarify why her whereabouts had remained unknown for such a long time during her last transfer.

In times of increased difficulty for SMEs in accessing finance, the Commission is working on a series of initiatives to improve the financing environment for SMEs to help innovation and growth. Does the Commission believe democracla these amendments will facilitate future water transfers between river basins?

De Commissie verwijst naar de lopende toetredingsonderhandelingen met Turkije die ook betrekking hebben op de onderwerpen die door het geachte Parlementslid zijn genoemd. Boete voor kritische tv-stations Turkije vervolgvraag III. Turkse autoriteiten moeten de veiligheid van alle burgers waarborgen en tegelijk ervoor zorgen dat de maatregelen in overeenstemming zijn met de Europese normen inzake de grondrechten. If so, what was the value of these subsidies, which Member States were the biggest beneficiaries and to which markets were the relevant goods exported?

Does the Commission believe that these amendments open the way to carrying out water transfers between basins that were not previously possible?