Von einem Gebäude bekommen Besucher den ersten Eindruck schon an der Eingangstür: Hier muss alles stimmen. Diesem Anspruch folgt auch das Gira. Ob Türsprechanlage, Tür-Freisprecheinrichtung, Gegensprechanlage oder Intercom. Am Ende sollte .. Gira Audiosprechanlage Set Türsprechanlage. Industrial Design Projekt: Entwicklung einer Gegensprechanlage.

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The range includes door intercoms to match the Gira design girra, video function, keyless access control, flexible operating options by connecting to IP networks, and much more. Ob bereits mit Vorwissen oder noch planlos, hier wird Ihnen mit Hintergrundinformationen weitergeholfen. Je nach verwendeter Technologie bietet sich das eine mehr an als das andere.

The devices become communication hubs and can be used wherever a network connection or WLAN is available. Dies wird meist per Knopfdruck gesteuert. The system’s 2-wire bus technology and one-man start-up concept enables it to be installed during renovation without the need for cabling work and configured even in the absence of some of the residential units. Gira home stations are the voice and operating units at the front door and the counterparts to gegeensprechanlage door station outside.

Ritto Entravox Set ab ca. The communication is encrypted using Secure Data Access, which is also used in the Gira S1 and guarantees maximum security. Alternatively, you can print your inscription labels yourself. For all-metal and full-surface plastic rockers, e. Whether on the move or using your home’s WiFi: Das Letzteres praktischer ist, liegt auf der Hand.

Speech transmission between the computer and door is in lip synch via SIP.


Sie finden Sprechanlagensysteme in jedem Baumarkt, off- sowie online. DCS IP data interface. Anleitungen zur Einrichtung gibt es im Internet und sind schnell abgearbeitet. Door communication solutions for individual applications — from single-family homes to buildings with 68 units, for gate entryways or integration in existing systems. Gira offers devices with a modular design system, but also fully pre-assembled stations such as the VideoTerminal.

Türsprechanlage – Alles rund um die Sprechanlage

Whether on the move or using your home’s WiFi: Dies verringert den Installationsaufwand enorm. First, select your product. Inscribing your Gira products online Enter the desired text and design your inscription. The Gira door communication system offers numerous innovative solutions for indoors and outdoors, even while you’re away.

The modular system is incredibly flexible to configure and can be adapted or expanded at any time. Communication can be initiated, the door can be opened or the light can be switched on at the touch of a finger.

Zudem finden Sie dort Vorstellungen der herausragenden Produkte und Hersteller. The labels are non-fading, wrinkle-free, and weather-resistant.

Türsprechanlage – Alles rund um die Sprechanlage

The Gira Configurator for door communication systems is a user-friendly online tool, which makes individually configuring door intercoms a pleasure — for proprietors and managers, but also for tradespeople and other professionals.

Das vergleicht man dann mit dem Schaltplan einem, wie man ihn in Google zu Hauf findet der neuen Installation.

The delivery results subject to countries specific assortments. Brochure Gira door communication system Order free of download. Das ist eine Frage, die immer wieder aufkommt. Please provide this to your Gira contractual partner to place your order. Montage sowohl mit als auch ohne Abdeckrahmen. Allderdings sollten Sie die Reichweite im Auge behalten. Temporary or one-time access authorisations can also be granted very easily in this way.

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Siedle TR Gegensprechankage ab ca. Clean and sophisticated design, robust materials, and compact, cutting-edge technology provide convenience, security, and a touch of elegance to your door.

Inscribing your Gira products online

ggegensprechanlage See who is at the door with the Gira System The computer can be used as a home station for door communication via the network connection. For mobile access, communication is encrypted via the integrated Secure Data Access component, which is also used on the Gira S1.

The necessary network infrastructure is often already in place, and the relevant software only has to be installed on the computer itself. You must be registered and logged in to create your individual design.

Zu allererst sollte man in Erfahrung bringen, welche Kabel bereits verlegt sind. The essential components for door communication are various system and control devices, which take on fundamental tasks for supplying and controlling the system. In just four steps, you can create an inscription for your Gira product and send us your design to order.

Aufputz erleichtert die Befestigung. Was ist die 4-Draht-Technik? You can then order your inscription via our convenient online service.

With a single device, the door intercom system can be connected via the network to a smartphone, tablet, or computer, as well as to the Gira G1 or Gira Control clients. Duplex oder Halbduplexbzw.