You saw a recent teaser for the new Heavy Gear Blitz faction last week, but now we can officially announce the imminent launch of the NuCoal. Nucoal The New Coalition (NuCoal) was born in TN Initially it was a trade alliance between city states in the Westridge Range and Barrington Basin areas . Blitz Army Lists for NuCoal and Port Arthur Background on NuCoal and Port Arthur is a Field Guide (Faction Army List) for the Heavy Gear Blitz! miniature game.

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Single file containing all datacards geavy Perfect Storm: Dream Pod 9 is committed to reaching this goal and unlocking the 2nd mold and making the Backer Reward Packages some really amazing deals.

Heavy Gear Blitz Peace River, NuCoal, & Utopia Kickstarters Pledge Manager Reward Levels

The Chasseur’s Command Head is still be tweaked, once it finished we’ll show everyone. The Terra Novans are still distrustful of one another and small skirmishes still occur between their different hezvy, but they are united when faced with Earth or any who threaten their home. And ending suddenly with the tragic destruction of the main Peace River city-state.

NuCoal Cuirassier Model Images. And finally we have Andrey and Lukasz nuvoal 3d Solidworks modelers based in Europe, they make all the 3d models used in the creations of the plastic injection molds.

Dream Pod 9 needs your support and pledges to make this project possible. NuCoal Chevalier 3d Model Preview. Heavy Gear Camo Patterns. And new to the team, Stephen Rider who is helping out with 3d part printing to check haevy and ease of assembly of the new model parts. The first Kickstarter was learning experience for us and everything took a bit longer that we though it would, with backer reward packages shipping out in the summer and fall of All miniatures for the game are to scale with Gears ranging from 28mm to 48mm tall with the iconic Hunter being 32 mm tall.


Heavy Gear Blitz Field Manual: War raged across the Badlands with fleets of Landships and thousands of Hsavy, other vehicles and infantry. Richard Coates and kayuna like this update.

Heavy Gear Blitz! Peace River & NuCoal Plastic Miniatures by Dream Pod 9 — Kickstarter

But following the abandonment of the colony by Earth the city-states of Terra Nova started banding together for protection and soon armed the Gears.

Heavy Gear Blitz is the fast and furious combine arms Tabletop Wargame where you pick a faction and build your army of: Peace River Skirmisher Model Images. The final mass market retailer army box will be announced after all the Kickstarter Backer reward packages have shipped.

Kickstarter to fund the plastic injection molds need to make plastic miniatures for Dream Pod 9’s Heavy Gear Blitz! Comments Only backers can post comments.

Heavy Gear Blitz! Perfect Storm: NuCoal Field Guide | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

Kickstarter is not a store. It was also licensed to Sony Pictures Family Entertainment who produced a 40 nuvoal television series for kids, back in Dream Pod 9 Staff Photos. We are keeping this Kickstarter limited in scope considering the vast selection of armies and models available in Heavy Gear Blitz.

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The New Coalition NuCoal is an alliance of city-states in the badlands.

Support Select this reward. As we used the total to unlock stretch goals and all pledges received can not be applied to the shipping cost after the Kickstarter has ended. Backer can select any Add-Ons and pledge the appropriate amount for them. UK and EU Friendly. These kind of unplanned delays do happen and any of them would delay the fulfillment of our backer rewards.

We are going to need 1 more week to get everything finished up for the Kickstarter launch. With Robert Dubois, the President of DP9, who handles all the company administration, sales, web updates, Kickstarter planning and follow thru.

Also in Montreal is our main sculptor, Philippe F. We have an excellent team of 3d modelers, sculptors, rules designer, and in-house staff committed to completing this project. As our story opens in the early 62nd century, Terra Nova is recovering from the War of the Alliance, wherein they successfully repelled a surprise invasion attempt by a newly unified and now highly imperialist Earth.

We will be communicating regularly and openly about any delays so that you, our backers, are fully aware of any reasons for delays. Share this project Done.