: H. P. Lovecraft: Against the World, Against Life (): Michel Houellebecq, H. P. Lovecraft, Dorna Khazeni, Stephen King: Books. In this prescient work, Michel Houellebecq focuses his considerable analytical skills on H. P. Lovecraft, the seminal, enigmatic horror writer of the early 20th. In this book, Houellebecq rhapsodizes over Lovecraft’s grandiloquent excesses, his scientific precision in describing his horrors’ architecture.

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Reading a book by one of your current favorite authors about your all-time favorite author is possibly one of the best literary experiences I can imagine. I won’t go into all the contents of Houellebecq’s essay.

Sin embargo, el autor de este libro lo ha hecho de forma sencilla, y siguiendo el mismo estilo que el propio Lovecraft. Lovecraft enjoys a major academic following in France, where his dark, wildly imaginative fantasias are respected as 20th century landmarks. HP Lovecraftauthor of At the Mountains of Madness, was – according to your taste – either a visionary genius or one of the most ridiculous writers ever, with a fatal weakness for piling on adjectives such as ‘eldritch’ and ‘gibbous’.

That is what will finally hoouellebecq.

The myth maker

Other readers have rated Lovecraft more generously, among them Borges, Stephen King and Joyce Carol Oates, but he’s never had a champion like Michel Houellebecq, himself one of the most vital loveccraft novelists. And this is another thing that curdles the blood when one discovers Lovecraft’s universe. As lovevraft always the case, the “recluse of Providence” has now become almost as mythic a figure as one of his own creations.

At the age when his old classmates were hurriedly turning their backs on childhood and diving into life as into some marvellous, uncensored adventure, he cloistered himself at home, speaking only to his mother, refusing to get up all day, wandering about in a dressing gown all night.


Although Houellebecq is a reactionary, he doesn’t appear to endorse Lovecraft’s racism on its own terms – indeed, it’s subjected to mockery as well as credited for the author’s greatness – except as a generalized pathway to misanthropy, and, indeed, since we’re all Copernicans now, misocosmy. Moving on to Houellebecq’s love letter, I was disappointed that there simply isn’t much there in terms of girth or ideas.

Lovecraft’s terror is rigorously material. Necesito limitarme a vivir mi vida, y no imaginar otras realidades. And, like any other of Houellbecq’s fictional works, this book is full of sharp, terse insights that are pure crystallizations of every ineffable feeling and unfocused thought I’ve ever had about Lovecraft’s life and creations.

And he’s right, at least as fast lovecrqft his thoughts about Lovecraft, life itself and Lovecraft’s work go. Tentacles and bat wings notwithstanding, the real dark side of Lovecraft is his ethnic hatred: Few beings have ever been so impregnated, pierced to houelldbecq core, by the conviction of the absolute futility of human aspiration.

Puntualiza las claves de su estilo y hace un repaso sobre locecraft peculiaridades en su obra que han hecho que sea tan influyente para tantos escritores influencia que en lugar de amainar con el paso del tiempo, parece que cada vez se va ampliando.

The role of his racial hatred in his fiction has often been underestimated Which, a priori, is not particularly reassuring at all. Agony Column Review Archive. One may find oneself smiling all alone, or humming a tune from a musical. It is here he glimpsed what he felt was the very end of man Their organization, which also includes the “anti-poser” lit-crit publication Kovecraft Believerhas become well-known for introducing global authors to a grateful American audience; in fact, one could argue that they are almost single-handedly responsible for the US popularity of Haruki Murakami.


The universe is nothing but a furtive arrangement of elementary particles. What makes us think that these creatures, different as they are from us, will exhibit any kind of a lovecdaft nature?

HP Lovecraft by Michel Houellebecq | Books | The Guardian

Houellebecq effectively makes the case that Lovecraft is a great writer, a writer better understood for having read Houellebecq’s amazingly entertaining work. Lovecraft, for his part, knew he had nothing to do with this world. The Sherlock Holmes stories are centred on a character, whereas in Lovecraft one does not meet any truly human specimens.

As for the poems, a precise count does not currently exist. Lovecraft by Michel Houellebecq. I rarely have nightmares lvoecraft have since reading these — seriously!

Readers who have thus far resisted ‘The Call of Cthulhu’ would be well advised to pick up this lovefraft.

Back to the HP source

As a failed writer, he was never in a position to discriminate against people of other races except with his pen. As he wrote in”all rationalism tends to minimalise the value and the importance of hohellebecq, and to decrease the sum total of human happiness.

The human race will disappear.

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