25 Dec What Kamyab says is the exact opposite of the authors of the System (Read lecture notes multiple times since there is no time to rewrite the. 10 Oct So here s a quick book report on’How to Study in Medical School’ by Armin Kamyab M.D., which I mentioned in another thread. I thought I d. Always evaluate your study methods during med school and always look for ways to be more efficient and effective. Don’t get intimidated by.

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Penulis memberikan tips yang sangat berguna untuk survive dan excel di medical school. Kamyab’s unique system of studying is kamywb effective study process that not only helps you understand schoool material and stay-up-to date, but also helps you retain the information for your medical school tests, your lice How to Study in Medical School provides a thorough how to study in medical school armin kamyab comprehensive method for studying the Basic Sciences in medical school and leaves no detail behind.

If you are in a study group and you are missing material, add it to your notes, but also take it as a learning experience about how to improve your notes in the future.

Jan 03, Muhammad Fairuz rated it it was amazing. Thanks for the great review. My library Help Advanced Book Search. Usually, after the 1st block you realize what works best for each class.

If you fall behind on making the studj from the material for that week, then you will have less time to review that weeks materials before the next week of material starts pouring in. Sep 17, Messages: At first I was up till 1am a few times, but after our first blocks I know what material to extract and could breeze through.

BUT, that said, I did want to spend a lot more time studying throughout the semester, instead of just around the exam time although, that is pretty much the whole semester It’s just akmyab question of discipline; the same discipline that gets some AUC students into the gym every day.


You can spend Saturday and Sunday morning doing something fun instead of struggling through the whole weekend trying to catch up with the material. The GENERAL idea is true, keep up everyday, but don’t beat yourself up if you get too tired to finish a day’s lecture of path or if it takes a lot longer how to study in medical school armin kamyab usual to get certain pharm drugs straight, take it one day at a time.

How to Study in Medical School, 2Nd Edition – Armin Kamyab – Google Books

Looks like a promising book. As for studying technique The following is key, and is highly emphasized in the book.

I am always reciting and explaining my own notes to myself. I thought I’d make a thread to draw attention to what I felt was very helpful information. Return to Book Page. Within the book there is a lot more information pertaining to the study method, a lot of advice and guidance as well, but those are the highlights. Based on my time on the island, there’s a few holes in kajyab plan.

How to Study in Medical School

Often I found myself getting into a situation where I would spend so much time transcribing my notes, and for whatever reason I spent a lot of time making sure they were neat, had all the details, etc that I would only spend a little time actually STUDYING them Just an FYI, this method of studying worked very effectively for the author.

While all that is great in theory, very few people have the discipline to ,edical it for your entire time. I didn’t need a reminder that if it’s not what you want then you’re probably screwed. Mar 8, Messages: Condensed meaning you take about one chapter or lecture’s worth how to study in medical school armin kamyab material and condense it into 3 pages of well written and precise notes.

How to Study in Medical School by Armin Kamyab | Study Strategies

There is nothing you can do about it. I slept and am now I am about 4 lectures behind in biochem. No one has time to do his method, for one thing. You need to be able to recognize what’s working and what’s not pretty early and make adjustments as needed. Maybe how to study in medical school armin kamyab have changed in the past 10 months, but I doubt too much has. This seems like it would be very hard to do, esp.


I literally did a google search about a week ago for medical school study guides and found the book. Dec 27, Dani B rated it liked it.

How to Study in Medical School by Armin Kamyab

Ilya Andreev rated it it was amazing Aug 03, Ameera Idrees rated it liked it Apr 07, ARMIN mostly talked about his experience of his time of medical school in very short and active waybut maybe this not work for all other medical students who not in the same how to study in medical school armin kamyab because of different from system and semester question type!!!

Tambahan, ini adalah satu amanah dari seluruh rakyat. Although nothing replaces lab time. The book is essentially a study method for getting through the basic science years with as much efficiency as tl. Anthony rated it really liked it Feb 19, For someone sitting in front of the end of second semester and wondering how the hell things got this messed up it’s a tad less helpful.

It’s poorly written and low in content.

I would agree that rewriting is a waste of time. Unlike similar books written by authors with Education Degrees or PhD Professors, this is one of the few books in its class that is written by a Medical School graduate.

Jul 22, Messages: Kamywb Members do not see this ad. What Kamyab says is the exact opposite of the authors of the 4.