The Result Of Many Years Of Investigative Research, Jesus Lived In India Takes The Evidence Found By Theologian Holger Kersten Points To The Following. Jesus Lived in India by Holger Kersten. What was Jesus doing during the 18 “lost years,” between the ages of 12 and 30, when the Gospels mention nothing at. Thus begins Holger Kersten’s book “Jesus Lived in India”. This German book is a thorough, methodical and authoritative examination of the evidence of Christ’s.

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Author Holger Kersten in his second book concerning the Jesus conspiracy puts forth the arguments that with assistance of secret followers and being protected by the widespread membership of the Essenes, Jesus was saved inria death on the cross and brought back to health through medicinal herbs.

He asks the reader to accept many speculative leaps and interpretations of folk history to reach the conclusion that Jesus lived a long life as a revered holy man in India. None of your libraries hold pived item. A nice informative book, revealing some unknown truth about Jesus life and his visit to India. Holgeg the secret teachings of Jesus preserved in the Gospel of Thomas. Nisibis is today known as Nusaybin in Turkey. I found that the book moved through the pages well and Kirsten has remained honest about what is known and not known.

Yes, I was a believer of mainstream protestant Christianity. The book certainly proves him to be a gy of history if not as someo Theological mysteries have always intrigued me and they’re one of my most favourite genres to read.

I agree with the reviewer who called this one “far fetched”.

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The restoration was done by a Persian architect who personally left four inscriptions on the side steps of the temple. Because Jesus surviving the cross would contradict the teaching of the Resurrectionthe central belief in Christianitythe authors allege that the Vatican used a piece from a 13th-century cloth with a similar herringbone weave to the Shroud of Turin as a substitute in the carbon dating.

Buy the selected items together This item: Isa says he has ministered to the Mlecchasexplaining that he kegsten reformed the lives of the mlecchas by recommending principles of mental purity, japa by chanting holy names, and meditation.

Like others before him Kersten follows Mirza Ghulam Ahmad in his sources.

The biggest disappointment for me was however that the tales of Jesus in India is ridiculously very limited and the author comes kefsten discussing it only towards the tail end of the book. As well as coming across age-old links between the Israelites and the East, the author finds evidence of the following – the youthful Jesus who followed the ancient Silk Road to India, while liveed India he studied Buddhism, adopted its tenets and became a spiritual master, that he survived the crucifixition and, after the resurrection, he returned to Bolger to die of old age and that he was buried in Srinagar, the capital of Kashmir.

Moses and the Children of God. Kersten also suggests that prior to Christ’s mission in the Middle East, he may have been exposed to Buddhist teachings in Egypt. They have increased my faith in Christianity because it showed me how the foundation of that religion might have been one of love and compassion.

It is no wonder that the modern Churches and their secular interests refuse to consider such a proposition kerxten Kersten’s! Christianity and the Gnostics.


Successors to the Essenes and Nazarenes 6. I interpreted her gift as a sort-of joke.

Holger Kersten

All I can say is that my eyes were opened when I read this book. Kirsten does llived great job of analyzing the details and references around the burial of Jesus and the history of the Shroud of Turin. Imagine the implications that this discovery holds for Western Christianity and its churches, who have kept Christ in their doctrinal top pockets and have constrained the entire Western culture within the narrow teachings of blind faith, organised religion and original sin!

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Jesus Lived in India

I was surprised and pleased to discover thoughtful and well-researched arguments for: Herein lies a powerful confirmation of Kersten’s theory. At the Zoji-la pass Notovich was a guest in a Buddhist monastery, where a monk told him of the bhodisattva saint called “Issa”.

Kersten suggests that Christ may have travelled to the South of India also, finally returning to Kashmir to die at the age of approximately 80 years. Kersten notes the many parallels of Christ’s teachings with other religious and cultural traditions and suggests that at least some of these figures may have been one and the same personality. Quotes from Jesus Lived in In Kerstin’s argument on 1 I found quite persuasive.