by Joel Salatin. Everything I want to do is illegal. As if a highly bureaucratic regulatory system was not already in place,. 9/11 fueled renewed acceleration to. Everything I Want to Do is Illegal by Joel Salatin, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. I’m not sure where to begin. Unlike the first two Joel Salatin books I read this one turned out to be less than inspiring. It evoked sadness, anger.

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Everything I Want to Do Is Illegal: War Stories from the Local Food Front

And the food police are going to bring more heat with the increasing numbers of people becoming interested in nutrient dense foods.

I would say I can’t blame them if they don’t do things the way this guy does because as he has made abundantly clear, his way is NOT the easy way. There is always an agenda.

Oct 27, John rated it really liked it Shelves: Joel has separated the book into three sections: This is a book that would make Robert Heinlein rolled over in his grave, yet he would completely agree with it. Salatin’s expert insight explains why local food is expensive and difficult to find and will illuminate for the reader a deeper understanding of the industrial food complex.

Everything I want to do is Illegal | Polyface Farms

Description Drawing upon 40 years’ experience as an ecological farmer and marketer, Joel Salatin explains with humor and passion why Americans do not have the freedom to choose the food they purchase and eat. Joel tells the story of one small slaughterhouse that quit buying his neighbors beef because the owner said he was tired of walking into a cooling room that smelled like chicken manure. The cumulative affect of all these requirements is that the local producer stays nonviable as a business and as a player on the world food stage.


But to compare them to Nazis is over the top! To top it off after he goes to the facility to pick up his processed meat and returns home to sell the product the county zoning ordinance says the the meat is a manufactured product because it exited the farm and was re-imported as a value-added product, throwing the small farm into the same category as Wal-Mart, which is also illegal in agricultural zones.

Everything I Want to Do Is Illegal: War Stories from the Local Food Front – A Book Review

You can watch the trailer in the movie section of this blog. Very often, when pushed, the regulations break down into absurdity The cover art idea everrything by his daughter.

I would repent if they weren’t in favor of feeding manure to aninals. It is a detailed account of the bureaucratic red-tape family farmers need to navigate in order to make a living and do so in an environmentally sensitive, small business model, high quality product manner.

The problem is, a cyclical sverything does not make for a good read for more than one or two cycles. The government represents the people who give them money although tax payers give them the most money.

Book ratings by Goodreads. Just a moment saaltin we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The veterinarians said they wanted to take blood samples to check for avian flu. With a title like Everything I Want to Do is Illegal you might expect that Joel Salatin wants to do things that others might find morally questionable, or certainly well outside the norm.

Their system salatij industri Drawing upon 40 years’ experience as an ecological farmer and marketer, Joel Salatin explains with humor and passion why Americans do not have the freedom to choose the food they purchase and eat. While I enjoyed to book immensely, I could not help thinking that the reason we have the regulation system that Salatin so hates is that most people can’t be counted on to be intelligent, moral and ethical.

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It evoked sadness, anger, and has made me take a serious look at the true possibility of becoming a small farmer in America.

I recommend this book to anyone who supports small farms or wants to know where that delicious Costco steak came from – and what the cow had to go through in order for you to enjoy it.

A related problem is that very often the people implementing studies are specialists in a particular area and, as a result, only think in terms of their iis area, whereas Salatin and other people working on these issues “on the ground” are taking a more holistic approach, one which considers the whole landscape of the farm and the possibilities inherent in it.

He gives you his opinion, in a very Michael Moore kind of way. One central thread running through the book are regulations that make it difficult for small farms to remain viable as local food providers.

He asks a lot of questions towards the big, bad USDA and government folk on why he can’t have it his way because all he wants to do is sell some meat to his neighbor. And especially today, the agenda usually involves more power and money to large corporate and bureaucratic interests with a parallel disempowering and impoverishing of smaller public and private entities. To sum up everything Joel Salatin has to say in this book ” He explains the injustice in the system, and unlike many farmers he’s actually taking a stand and telling us we need to do more about it.

Apr 06, Ruth rated it wanf liked it Shelves: