Welcome to the U.S. National Kubb Championship rules webpage. The U.S. Championship started in and is located in Eau Claire, WI, officially The Kubb. These rules are authorized as official by the U.S. National Kubb Championship, and have been designed in spirit to promote a fair and enjoyable tournament. What is considered “in bounds” when raising a kubb? The official rule for the U.S. National Kubb Championships is that 50% of the kubb must be in bounds.

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| Kubb Rules

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. What happens if I throw the baton while a player from either team is standing on the pitch? With your kubb set in hand, you must mark the playing field or pitch using corner pins. This rule applies to field and baseline kubbs only; fallen kubbs are thrown from the original baseline, as are attempts to knock over the king.

There is no official tournament kubb set in the U. Large kubb tournaments now occur throughout Europe and the United States of America. Play continues in rulex fashion until a team is able to knock down all kubbs on one side, from both the field and the baseline. Field kubbs that right themselves due to the momentum of the impact are considered knocked down.

Do all 10 kubbs have to be knocked down and then the king in order to win the game? If that kubb comes to rest outside the field of play a second time, it becomes a punishment kubb, and the other team is allowed to place it wherever they would like within one baton length kubbb the king or marking stakes.

Midwest Championship was re-introduced. The game has now gained international interest, and an annual World Championship has been held since on Gotland. If a thrower successfully topples the king, his team has won the game.

To determine who goes first, one person from each team tosses a baton from their baseline towards the king. The rule in all tournaments in the U.

Note that if you knock down the last field kubb and then the momentum of your baton or the field kubb carries through and knocks down the baseline kubb, then it is considered knocked down. Championship will use the 2, 4, 6 open. Then, each team sets up its five kubbs, placing them at even intervals at the far ends of the pitch, on the baselines between the corner pins.


We refer to this as “Keeping it Vertical”. For tournaments, the below dimensions are used: April Learn how and when to remove this template message. The major reason for this is that we want all players to be as safe and possible and have the opportunity to observe the offensive team to help determine if they are following rules. Retrieved from ” https: Play continues in this fashion until a team is able to knock down all kubbs on one side, from both the field and the baseline.

If a thrower successfully topples the king, they have won the game. This is also a foul. For informal play between players of widely differing abilities, such as an adult and a child, it is permissible to shorten the length of the pitch. The king is placed upright in the center of the pitch, and the kubbs are placed on the baselines short edges of the rectanglefive kubbs on each side equidistant from each other.

The baseline kubb is stood back to its original location. However, if a team knocks down the king prior to knocking down all the kubbs, then that team immediately loses the game. The original rules were that the first team that gets to throw was allowed 6 batons.

Kubb Rules

In addition, kubb sets are in the local schools, with some schools having kubb units in physical education classes and kubb clubs. If a kubb comes to rest outside of the field of play, the team is allowed to throw that kubb again, after all kubbs have been thrown. The best way to learn is to play.

The spirit of the game of kubb demands good sportsmanship, courtesy, and honorable conduct. Using plug-ins while browsing through the online shop being logged in on Facebook at the same time, your personal data is automatically transmitted to Facebook. The shopping cart is empty. The exception eules be when you have an advantage line and the distance between the oubb and target kubbs is very short and it is difficult to apply vertical rotation when striking the kubbs.


What happens if I hit the king during the opening king toss sometimes referred as lag toss?

Championship is held annually in Eau Claire, WI. Championship rules were developed from the World Championship rules.

Kubb Rules – How Kubb Works | HowStuffWorks

The center stakes are placed in the middle of the sidelines long edges of the rectanglewhich divides the pitch into two halves. If either team does not knock down all field kubbs before their turn is over, the kubb closest to the centerline now represents the opposite team’s baseline, and throwers may step up to that line to throw at their opponent’s kubbs. You can even make your own set from lumber rulew you might already have lying around rlues house — see the first page of this article for the dimensions.

If at any time during the game the king is knocked down by a baton or kubb, the throwing team immediately loses the game. This almost never happens, though. When throwing a baton, how much horizontal rotation is allowed?

Some players mark the out of bounds line with chalk or other material that doesn’t interfere with game play.

Rules of Kubb Video. This rule applies only to throwing the batons at the opposite team’s field and riles kubbs; fallen kubbs are thrown from the original baseline, as are attempts to knock over the king.

While using Facebook plug-ins, a connection is established enabling the share of content with other users. If that team still has batons left to throw, they now attempt to knock over the king. The game can kubg played on a variety of surfaces such as grass, sand, concrete, snow, or rues ice.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It is often claimed that the game dates back to the Viking Age and has survived since then on Gotlandalthough rule is no evidence of this. Die Suchergebnisse beziehen sich auf die von Ihnen eingegebene Rechnungsadresse im Shop.