J. KARTER, LA CLAVICULE DE SALOMON, &c. AVEC. Le vrai SECRET de faire parler les Morts, pour découvrir tous les TRÉSORS cachés, etc. Another Treatise on the cabalistical art called “Les veritables Clavicules de Salomon, traduites de l’Hebreux en langue Latine, par le Rabin Abognazar.” (In Latin. Get this from a library! Le secret des secrets: autrement la clavicule de Salomon, ou le véritable grimoire: manuscript, [].

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Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Characters of Saturn [Divine] Letters of Saturn.

It must be made on the day and hour of Mars with the blood of a bat on virgin parchment, and properly wrapped it in a piece of red fabric for use when needed. It must be made on a thin iron plate, well polished.

The Veritable Clavicles of Solomon,

Les Anges des Planettes qui sont devant la face de Dieu. Light and transparent, brilliant, clear and suitable, slender and obscure. It must be made on the skin of a lion on the day flavicule hour of the Sun around the ten first days of August, written with the feather of swan, and of gold or yellow colors, or on a plate of very fine gold on the same day, month, and hour. You already recently rated this item. Names of the angels which attend before the face of God.

You must cut a stick from an elder tree, of the same length as salomom first. Salkmon the Greek lettering in the circle is switched with that of its counterpart in the Archidoxes see below. Caracteres de Saturne Lettres [Divines] de Saturne. This oration done, pour a little of the aforesaid incense onto the fire, and reserve the rest for all the operations. Note that Abognazar switches the characters around the circumference. Most of Mathers’ omissions can be claviculf to the fact that the Colorno manuscripts have corresponding though quite different instructions.


L’art de commander les esprits du Grand Grimoire (?).

The key of Solomon, King of the Hebrews and son of David, translated from the Hebrew and divided into four books.

Come unto me and never quit me whithersoever I shall lcavicule.

It must be made on the skin of lion in the month of August in the day and hour of the Sun. Africus could be SW or S: I will give you in order each type of clabicule, together with the divine names and the divine letters, as well as the virtue and property of each one, with the method for composing and using them: Les Esprits clavkcule Planettes.

Il se fait sur de l’Or dans le Crossant Egal de la Lune. There’s a problem loading this menu right now.

Les Convenantes aux quatre Saisons. If the file has been modified from its original state, some aslomon such as the timestamp may not fully reflect those of the original file.

The foal while being born brings on the forehead a small piece of flesh which is called Hyppomanes [Hippomanes]. Be the mystic you’re meant to be. Lettres divines de Mercure.

Le Grimoire du Roi Salomon ou Clavicula Salmonis Rex,

Afterwards you must have engraved, or engrave yourself, at the same hour, as explained above, the following name and characters: From Wikimedia Commons, the free media dw. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics.

The verse is from Psalm Divine Letters of Mercury. The third column starting with 1 shows the hours from midnight to midnight, and where it is shaded indicates night. I will have dr to teach to you in each discourse which of the instruments are specific to which operation.


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In case they cannot finish the work in a single day, every time they shall have to leave it thou shalt cause them to put a covering of wood over the opening, and above the covering about six inches of earth; and thus shalt thou continue unto the end, being all the time present in the raiment of the Art, and with the Magic Sword, during the operation.

For you must know which of these angels is presiding over the hours, because the planetary operations depends in part on them. And having scraped it, you must make a small opening, in all the intervals between the knots, into which you should insert a small piece of copper, on which you will engrave or have engraved this character: This pentacle is depicted on virgin parchment on the day and hour of Saturn, but on the very hour of Jupiter or of Venus, which are the enemies of Mars, it must be perfumed with an incense made with olive oil and a spider.

Your rating has been recorded. Compare with Agrippa, De Occ. And however worldly and dense you are, you will become subtle and clear-sighted by the communication of the aforesaid spirits, warning you that it is necessary to be careful to make the characters exactly as they are shown, and to pronounce the orations without saying one word instead of another, and not to forget any, for that would result in the lack of the success of the operation.