Le matin vers 9 heures le four solaire est enclenché. Le mélange de vapeur cuit la plus grande partie des repas de la cuisine solaire. The Solar Kitchen (La Cuisine Solaire) in Auroville, TamilNadu, India is specially designed for using solar thermal energy for cooking meals. The kitchen. Solar kitchen. 1. SOLAR KITCHEN AUROVILLE Architecture by: Suhasini Ayer Type of building use: institutional building for visitors to Auroville.

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A Note on Unending Education in Auroville. New Colors – a learning and social support centre for underpri Aikiyam School – serving children from nearby villages. Frequently asked questions on education.

La Cuisine Solaire | Auroville

Arka – a place for senior citizens and holistic wellness. To me, building this bowl has been one step towards the future. Auroville Zolaire and Culture. Water ceremony for Auroville’s 50th anniversary. Newsletter from Annapurna, a certified organic farm.

Matrimandir construction photos from to Catalogue of sustainable cuisime in Auroville and the bioregion. Associate of Auroville, how to apply Annex F. Annapurna, the largest certified organic farm in Auroville. Towards a sustainable water resource management for the bio-re Spouse or Partner of Aurovilian Annex E. Sante – Auroville Institute for Integral Health. Walk across an open field on a bright sunny day – you can feel aurovklle being roasted and scorched by the burning sun, or you can feel a great joy in the perception that you are being bathed in a powerful flood of rich golden energy!


Frequently asked questions on art and culture. People who made the undertaking of Matrimandir Gallery 1.

La Cuisine Solaire

Contents [ show ]. A Thousand — Pillared Chamber Aayirakkalmandapam.

It serves lunch daily in its dining hall, and sends lunches out to schools and to individuals as well. Innovating in a Village School: Collective Housing in the Residential Zone.

With this bowl we will be producing steam for cooking, but eventually the heat that you trap could be used for a variety of purposes such as pumping water, producing mechanical power, industrial process heating, etc. Donating to Auroville projects, online or offline. Auroville city area – Land Suitability and Land Use proposal. The interface is through a heat storage tank using thermic fluid storage 1.

Lilaloka – Resource centre for the child. One problem that arose when they built first model at the Centre Guest House was devising a system to track the sun. Towards a sustainable water resource management for the bio-re Piero and Gloria’s House Sign In Don’t have an account? What is special about the Kindergarten in Auroville? Holistic – therapy to heal and transform yourself.


Newsletter from Annapurna, a certified organic farm. A total of 96 prefabricated ferrocement elements were cast and hoisted in place to form a perfect fixed spherical bowl. Savitri Bhavan, a centre for spiritual education.

Sante – Auroville Institute for Integral Health. Future School for children of 14 – 19 years.

Le concentrateur solaire

Catalogue of sustainable projects in Auroville and the bioregion. Some insights into the Industry and commerce evolution in Auro The Mother on Matrimandir and Religions. Throughout the year approximately lunches are prepared daily.