Level 7 (Library of American Fiction) [Mordecai Roshwald, David Seed] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Level 7 is the diary of Officer . (Uncredited cover for the edition) /5 (Very Good) I recently received a copy of Modecai Roshwald’s Level 7 () from 2thD at. In an unspecified nation, the nameless officer X is taken to an ultra-secret installation called Level 7. He has been chosen to be one of four “Push Button.

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With no chance of redemption whatsoever. Thankfully, much like war it described, this book was short. When the trio military, politicians, and technology experts realize that a second-strike policy that is, a policy of being able to strike back after a nation’s own annihilation, lrvel example by launching a retaliatory and equally annihilating attack coordinated from an impenetrable bunker is technically feasible, both nations act upon it and set up a set of automated tools.

After the totally destructive war, radiation spreads and wipes out life on the surface. Worst writing style I remember in a while.

Born in Drohobycz, Poland, Roshwald he later emigrated to Israel. Instead, this is the novel that happens after all the faux-conundrums get asked. Level 7, by Mordecai Roshwald gaping blackbird. There are two more people like him who wait in shifts for the command to come.


Once he does this simple, unremarkable act, his life in the bunker is, literally, without purpose, and he and the reader await the end of the war above. However, this explanation may explain the actions of his characters, but makes the story similar to the bad horror movies of the early s, in which the viewer simply knows that the normal human response would have averted the danger. Notify me of new posts via email. Level 7 Book Summary and Study Guide. People begin dying on the middle levels.

Level 7 is a science fiction novel by the Ukrainian-born Israeli writer Mordecai Roshwald.

Level 7 (novel) – Wikipedia

The review of this Book prepared by tiepilot I just threw Paris Hilton in cuz I was tired: Oct 14, John rated it did not like it.

Overall, a frightening book that reads poorly; had it not been for the topic, a solid 1-star.

Originally published inand with overcopies sold, this powerful dystopian novel remains a horrific vision of where the nuclear arms race may lead, and is an affirmation of human life and love. Where is the stick, when the place where the main action happens, Level 7, has been physically isolated from the rest of the world, for years?! May 02, Raegan Butcher rated it liked it Recommends it for: But, hey, who gets jacket blurbs from Bertrand Russell!


Apparently the first proponent of this measure was a Hiroshima police officer, and it actually was effective enough that not a single Nagasaki police officer was killed in the intial blast there according to Wikipedia, anyway. No names at all. I recall being frightened by one headline about imminent war in particular.

At last, the Loudspeaker orders the PBX officers to carry out their function: Science and Technology in Myth and Fiction I just finished reading Woolanother post-apocalyptic book about life underground, and decided it was time to read Level 7 again. What does he teach? Want to Read saving…. The writing is terrible, for today’s standards.

Review – “Level 7” by Mordecai Roshwald

It scared the shit out of me. Indeed, he took me to village board meetings, encouraging my interest in public affairs and reading of the newspaper.

It is especially offered to button-pushers, rocket constructors, nuclear physicists, rowhwald bomb manufacturers, “small” atomic bomb producers, and last but not least, statesmen and politicians. They are sequestered underground and wait for the order, which does not fail to arrive.