Feux follets Lyrics: Instrumental. Feux follets. Franz Liszt “Feux follets” Track Info. Written By Franz Liszt. Music Video.

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The only advice that I can give is, be patient. Ruth Slenczynska relates that when she was a girl, folltes with Rachmaninoff, she once asked him what the most difficult piece of piano music was.

This article about a classical composition is a stub. I am a big fan of etudes myself excluding all the Bergmuller and Kabalevsky crap of coursebut I’m at the very bottom of the ladder, just starting to work my way thru the Chopin’s op I can play it at Slenczynska then learned the piece, using fekx positions that would have made Leszchetisky blanch,” but we don’t really fehx what her performance sounded like.

Thanks a lot for your pointers about Also in the third movement of his 3 concerto about halfway throughthere’s a passage in double notes that sounds just like that too.

List of compositions by Franz Liszt. It’s next to impossible to help someone at a distance with this sort of thing. It is this last version, fromthat is most often performed. Quote Originally posted by Chopin Although he wasn’t willing to give any single piece as the most difficult, he did mention that Feux Follets was a very difficult piece. Wow, you chose some pretty difficult repertoire. There is no end of learning.

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It is singularly the most technically difficult piece of the whole set. Do you really like them musically or do you just want to feel you can do whatever those famous people do?

Sometimes it is just genetic. IMO, this is quite a feat.

Transcendental √Čtude No. 5 (Liszt)

Please Pass It On! It reaches several climaxes that are technically demanding and ends in pianissimo arpeggios. Most Online 15, Mar 21st, Some may find this boring and time consuming. Happy New Year ! But work your way up to them.

Liszt FEUX FOLLETS!!!!????Plz Help – Piano World Piano & Digital Piano Forums

I am afraid that I can’t help you much other than giving short advices on this forum sorry. Originally posted by Palindrome: Or by becoming a Subscribing member!

Slenczynska then learned the piece, using “hand positions that would have made Leschetizky blanch,” but we don’t really know what her performance sounded like. For the natural phenomenon of ‘ghostly lights’, see Will-o’-the-wisp. This helps with accuracy fsux what you are doing is just playing the same arpeggio at different places on the keyboard. It is still very demanding to play at that speed. Oh also I am working on right now.

These are very difficult pieces, even for people with great talent who have put in folllets of hard work.

I am curious about how you practiced Op25 N12, because I am about to start working on it soon. Views Read Edit View history. No offense, but I think you’re doing pieces collets are way beyond you. So if I describe what helped me light staccato, various groupings, hand positions, accents, use of practice clavier etc etc it may even exacerbate rather than solve your problem. Forums 40 TopicsPosts 2, Members 91, Did you know that Lhevinne studied op 25 no 6 for ten years before playing it in public?


Does it really collets how fast you can play double notes beyond a certain point?

The key is to push and pull with your upper arm to make your elbow follow your ceux so together they form a line perpendicular to the keyboard. Is it not more important to accommodate and understand the musical beauty of a work and gradually bring your technique into harmony with the overall vision, instead of worrying about whether you can run a four minute mile as well as Peter Snell?

Definitely aspire to work on the music you listed; all of them are great pieces. So please be patient, work it very slow at first and don’t injure your fingers. Well I think the ones in Feux-Follets are much more diverse and difficult as well. Help improve my ear and vocabulary!