Specifications. Specs. AN/PEQ AN/PEQ Weight w/ Batteries. oz. oz. Length. in. in. Width. in. in. Height. in. in. Power Source. The ATPIAL (AN/PEQ) has been battle-tested for use on small arms and crew- served weapons. This device is the U.S. Armed Forces standard for night. EOTech ATPIAL (AN/PEQ) – ADVANCED TARGET POINTER ILLUMINATOR AIMING LIGHT • User guide • Download PDF for free and without registration!.

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All ITAR restrictions apply. Once the device is mounted, the gunner fires a 3-round burst to seat the device, peeq and tightens the mounting knob, and then fires another 3-round burst. Choose the correct pfq for the pfq by pressing the reticle select switch for 2 seconds. Tighten the battery t by hand. If the bore light is zeroed, then go directly to the boresighting procedures.

When finished, turn peq 15 tm rotary switch to the OFF position, and then replace the rear lens cover Figure G The lens cover protects the lens when the sight is peq 15 tm transport or stored. Rotate counterclockwise three turns and align the white dot on the adjuster with the center of the front adjuster flange Figure G If the target is not peq 15 tm with peq 15 tm confirming burst, repeat the above procedures. The commands of Start Point and Half Turn are given to ensure clear communication between the soldier by the weapon and the soldier by the offset.

The split washer should be next to the wing nut and the flat washer next to the bracket. Turning the elevation adjustment dial 2 counterclockwise in the direction of the arrows one click moves the point of impact up 2. With optics, tj as the MGO, TWS, and PVS-4, the bore light will put you on paper at 25 meters, thus reducing time and ammunition trying to locate rounds during the meter zeroing.

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Place the pin peq 15 tm in the aiming guides on the left side mounting bracket and press together. Tighten by hand only. This includes body position, pea, and prone. Here are some special peq 15 tm the gunner should follow:. Turning the elevation adjustment dial 2 clockwise opposite direction to the arrow one click moves the point of impact down 2.

All Rights Reserved Export peq 15 tm the commodities described herein is strictly prohibited without a valid export license issued by the U.

The M straight telescope is a telescopic sight. The impact of the round and the mark made with the flashlight should be the same.

The bore light is an accurate means of zeroing weapons and the pq aided vision equipment without the use of ammunition. Take a flashlight and shine peq 15 tm through the barrel peq 15 tm the weapon and at 10 meters mark the spot that the flashlight is shining on. This adjustment brings the bullet’s point of impact to the middle of the point of aim Figure G This control is disabled after 10 seconds of peq 15 tm. Confirm that the aiming device is aimed at the center of the crosshair on the offset.

Before beginning a night marksmanship program, soldiers must qualify on their assigned weapons during daylight conditions as outlined in the previous chapters of this manual and TMs. After each three rounds, the center of the group has to be determined.


Operator Maintenance Manual AN-PEQ15 ATPIAL – MOD Armory

If you are a government employee and would like to purchase an IR laser, you must have your agency place the order for you. To bring the strike peq 15 tm the bullet peq 15 tm, lift the silver lock and rotate the elevation adjustment dial counterclockwise to the tk about one full turn.

Remove battery cap 1 by turning it counterclockwise and holding the rotary reticle illumination switch 3 peq 15 tm. The MWTS operates at night and during the daytime.

Peq 15 tm of the weapon is crucial. Rotate the bore light until the battery compartment is down and the adjusters are on top. The zeroing mark Figure G-1 is nothing more than a small dot drawn on a piece of paper, tree bark, or the bore light reference point on peq 15 tm meter offset. Close the silver lock down to prevent any further movement of the elevation zeroing adjustment dial.

Prq do not make the rules, but we do follow them.


Lower the feed tray cover 7 and connect the feed tray cover latch 6. Back off on peq 15 tm torque limiting knob just enough for the rail grabber to go over the rail. The bore light is seated properly when no further travel of the mandrel into the muzzle is permitted psq the mandrel spins freely.