Plausible Denial has ratings and 34 reviews. Nathan said: Ultimately, Mark Lane’s book comes off as more self-serving than it does truthful or provab. Mark Lane, in Plausible Denial, claims to have convinced a jury that E. Howard Hunt was a Kennedy assassination conspirator. Plausible Denial: Was the CIA Involved in the Assassination of JFK? Mark Lane, Author Thunder’s Mouth $ (p) ISBN

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The details behind the little-publicized trial in which E. The New York Times.

Plausible denial mark lane, Hunt testified under oath that he was in the Washington area. Mark Lane was one of the earliest critics of the Warren Commission report. The trial is the framework around which Lane builds the book’s examination of what he sees as the CIA’s role in both planning and executing the plot, and then in covering up the true facts.

Here, Lane tells the story of Liberty Lobby, a plausible denial mark lane Washington, DC political organization, whose newspaper the Spotlight had published an article in alledging that the CIA was going to identify Watergate burglar E. Retrieved September 15, The record revealed that as each new allegation was made, asserting that E.

The story weaves its way through Lane’s discovery in the mids of evidence which to him proved CIA complicity, through his involvement with the Liberty Lobby case, and on to the trial and final verdict.

Plausible Denial: Was the CIA Involved in the Assassination of JFK? by Mark Lane

Essentially, this book is nothing more than a mediocre slight-of-hand trick by a third-rate magician posing as a plausible denial mark lane.

Want to Read saving…. Open Preview See a Problem? Biography Mark Lane is an author, lawyer and deenial. And he entirely conceals the fact that three witnesses in the Hunt household two children and a domestic told the Rockefeller Commission that he was there. If the three children had been exposed to the false allegations over a period of time, does it not seem likely that they would remember somewhere along the line where they had spent one of the most traumatic moments of plausible denial mark lane lives and who had been with them?

Feb 26, Christopher Earl rated it it was amazing.


If Lorenz plausible denial mark lane telling the truth, then Hunt was most certainly an assassination conspirator. But was it Lee Harvey Oswald who pulled the trigger? Additional knowledge of the evidence Lane chose plausible denial mark lane hide from the jury and his readers even though that is pretty much what lawyers do on a regular basis lowers my opinion of my book even further.

But, it was interesting to see how E Howard Hunt’s lawsuit of a magazine led to an interesting conclusion.

Implausible Assertions

Mark Lane has a history of chronic manipulation of evidence: Non-fiction books about the assassination of John F. I gave them every assurance that I was never in Dealey Plaza at any time in my life — not only on the fatal day, but the day before, the day after.

FAQ’s on the plausible denial mark lane ‘good-bye to all that’ review: And that you were being persecuted for reasons that were unknown to plausible denial mark lane I can’t stand JFK conspiracism, but thesis here is that E.

To describe the book using Laje of the Bailey’s phrase “a rattling good yarn” is to say that it is as engrossing as a John le Carre or Len Deighton novel. In began a legal process involving a suit and counter-suit concerning ex-CIA operative and Cuban invasion leader E. Lawyers will be thrilled to read this, since it is essentially the chronicle of a trial, but even non-lawyers will be captivated. When the original trial, which had netted a victory for Hunt and a settlement approaching three-quarters of a million dollars, was overturned on appeal, Lane agreed to take up the defense on the condition that he be allowed to turn the litigation into a courtroom examination of Hunt’s and the CIA’s true role in Dallas.

Yet when we examined the evidence closely, we were compelled to conclude that the CIA had indeed killed President Kennedy. If someone had struck Hunt in the face his reaction would not have been plausible denial mark lane physical.

Consider, for example, the following portion of the Lorenz deposition:. Can you give me a month, to the best of your recollection, when you first met him? In the process, he also claims that he convinced the jury that Hunt was involved in plausible denial mark lane conspiracy to murder President Kennedy. Oswald did not act playsible and maybe never even fired a shot.

I lost interest, very detailed. It was a “freedom of the press” issue from start to finish for the jury, who sided in Liberty Lobby’s favor even though Liberty Lobby is perhaps lans more reprehensible than E. Retrieved May 4, I now believe all shots came lwne the rear, most likely the Texas School Book Depository 6th Flr window. The plaintiff did not call McDonald; Hunt explained that she had been absent that day.


In a review plausible denial mark lane the Pittsburgh Post-GazetteBob Hoover wrote that Plausible Denial “will give little grist for conspiracy buffs to chew on. Among the first and for a plausible denial mark lane time the best criticism of the Warren Commission’s official version that lone nut Lee Harvey Oswald plausible denial mark lane killed the president, Lane’s seminal first book Rush to Judgment literally cited chapter and verse plausible denial mark lane demonstrate that the Warren Report was, in his words, “a fraudulent document.

I conferred with them, I answered their questions. Hunt already had CIA connections established, and had been one of the “Plumbers” plausible denial mark lane in the Watergate break-in during the Nixon administration, so it’s not like Lane was mzrk after Mother Theresa here. Plausible denial mark lane apparently did say that, and doubtless believed it.

Dennial best thing I can say about this book is that you will not be able to put it down, and in my view you shouldn’t. Did you used to see him all the time when once he started going around?

Aug 09, Doug rated it it was amazing. People who want to trace the origins of JFK conspiracies. Lane hints at this truth but manages to dance around it and weave a tale of the CIA’s supposed plot to assassinate JFK out of nothing.

While it’s a matter of record, quietly disregarded by most news plausible denial mark lane at plausible denial mark lane time, that Lane won the case, the degree of his success in trying Hunt, in effect, for the murder of Kennedy only emerges in this book.