Editorial Reviews. Review. “Combining the erotic with the romantic, Robin Schone tests the boundaries of romance fiction”. — The Literary Times. From the Back. Read The Lover by Robin Schone by Robin Schone by Robin Schone for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android. Buy a cheap copy of The Lover book by Robin Schone. Even desire has its price.. .Thirty-six-year-old Anne Aimes is a spinster whose only attraction is her wealth.

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I’m very excited to announce that Scandalous Lovers.

D Also posted on www. Mar 05, Jacqueline rated it it was ok Shelves: She had married at the age of fifteen; he would have been thirteen, studying at Eton. It is the story of two souls lost to pain, loneliness, and torment, finding each other.

In the end, I had the weirdest epiphany — This book is the predecessor of the “Fifty Shades of Gray”!

This has been one of the darkest, creepiest, most compelling novels I have ever read. I also think that authors who try to convince me that someone with burned but fully funtional hands and a burn scar on ghe cheek that doesn’t touch his eyes, lips or hair would be considered too ugl Premise seemed interesting but somehow the characters seemed rather cardboard. Anway, back to the prose.

I was engrossed and needed to find out what plots and manipulations Michael had going on.

I have read books with bigger plots, sub plots, twists and turns. After a wild night, they agree to become lovers for a month. Aaaaaaand…you would be wrong.

The Lover Series

C- or weak 3 stars They were special in the sense that they spoke to me the most, but there were many more scattered all throughout the book. He had investigated each member before joining their circle of five bachelors, five spinsters, and one wife whose husband preferred the oblivion of alcohol over the comfort of feminine arms.


Schone again displays her talent for highly erotic scenes and descriptions—even without the sex. Unerringly he focused on the barrister who sat at the head of the conference table.

The Lover Book Summary and Study Guide

So, if you enjoyed either of those tbe their darker aspects, you might enjoy this one. The ending here is dark and plenty suspenseful.

Women changed history, we’ll change the future, too. This book is a dark,passionate, erotic, romantic tale between Michael A whore ,whose life is dictated by a series of tradegies and Anne A spinster,who has never been given a chance to live her life at all. He knows that by seeing Anne, his uncle will try to kill her. The creepy uncle and all the suspense surrounding tne secondary story took away from the romance I thought even if it was a good story.

Click here to see the rest of this review. She was a woman who did not hide from her sexuality. The Lover was an enjoyable, highly erotic, and captivating read.

I wanted to face-palm myself with every surrender of their self-esteem.

The Lover Series by Robin Schone

Jan 22, Shelly rated it it was ok Shelves: It worked for the book, but it might bother some. After reading this book two words are left in my head. Holeeshizz there was some hot loving in this book! Then on the other hand when you have to pay for it, I guess that should have given me a clue.


I have book 2 and I will definitely read it.

A self admitted spinster who spent her coming out years caring for her elderly parents. Apart from these minor points I have to say I would recommend this book to anyone who isn’t looking for chocolate box sex and romance. There were elements that were not my particular taste and more erotica than romance. But Michael kover hiding something and being with Anne puts her in mortal dang Miss Anne Aimes has spent her life looking after her elderly parents, but now her parents have passed, she finally wants something for herself, and decides that at pover six, it is time she lost her virginity.

Nor had she possessed the opportunity to explore it, she did not need to add.

Scandalous Lovers | ROBIN SCHONE

This should have been a ‘novel of erotica’ and leave schoje romance out of it. And most importantly – it was boring! Robin Schone en este libro demuestra ser una mujer muy lista. So, indeed, a really good book. Until she accidentally interrupts a meeting of the Men and Women’s Club Deliberately he used the provocative term for the metropolis that lured like a flame both the young and the old, the poor and the wealthy.

I know there’s the next book, which might serve to give us an update on these two, but I don’t like when you have to rely on the next book to get your full dose of HEA.