Salawat Al-Fatih (durood Fatih). Salawat Al-Fatih is held in particular esteem with the Tijaniyya Order. In English, it goes like this: O God bless our Master. The two words when joined together i.e. Salatul Fatihi means the blessed Salat which opens the gates of Rahama (endless bliss). When Allah revealed verse 56 . 24 Jul Q 5: The Al-Tijaniyyah sect has their own supplication called Salat Al-Fatih, which they consider to be better than reciting the Qur’an. Is this true.

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Is it true that Tidjani practitioners claim that the prayer called Salat Fatihi is superior to reading the noble Quran? Hadhrat Shaykh Muhammad Salatuul says that recitatin of Durood Faith once a day relieves the recitor from the fire of hell.

You know all what is within my mind whereas I do not know what is within Yours. Login or Sign Up. As for the blessings of Salat el Fatihi that we have mentioned, neglecting it is without consequences because it is considered as a meritorious act.

Dream: Reciting salatul Fatihi in a masjid |

In truth, this two things are similar excepting that what is for the common people is for the common people, and what is for the elite is for the elite. The benefits that they gain from reading it are almost the same as those of the first category. Only an ignorant person could come to such conclusion. Likewise, in the hadiths, the instructions concerning the catihi upon the Prophet peace and blessings be fatini him are all presented in a general and universal manner.

The fourth category includes those who read the noble Quran without paying any attention, whether they understand or not the reading, and indulge in bad deeds with no care for the commandments of the Quran, the work of these people leads to their loss and they commit a sin every time they read it as is said in the following passages of the Quran:. The first is that he peace and blessings be upon him knew that it would come at the End of Time and he who should receive it would not appear in his day.


He who reads it once is guaranteed the bless sqlatul the two abodes; also reciting it once atones for all sins and is equivalent to six thousand times all prayers of glorification to God, all Dhikr and Dua’a, long and short which have occurred in the Universe. One single Salat el Fatihi is the equivalent to all evocations, all formulas of aslatul, all requests for pardon, all implorations, big or small, accomplished in the whole universe, multiplied times.

Salarul Ahmediya Your questions Special salatil. And if you invite them to guidance – they will never be guided, then – eve r.

An angel came to him with this prayer written on a luminous tablet. Then, if you evoke a second time, you will have the rewards equivalent to those that you reaped the first time multiplied by The great Saints say that Durood Fatih is actual and real light.

File:SAlat al fatihi.png

Reciting the Quran without putting it into practice is a situation which falls within the scope of the parable that ALLAH gave in his book concerning the people of the Torah: Then, some people affirmed that it is only allowed to pray upon the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him with the Ibrahimiya prayer, because this is the prayer that he taught to his companions may ALLAH be pleased with them.

A man named Sayyidi Bekri went into khalwa for 40 years, asking Allah to give him the best Salatul-ala Nabiyya. And thus, this prayer was revealed to him: Salawat ala Rasul Links.

You, indeed You, know fully all that is beyond the reach of human perception because the christien show the prophet juses pace be upon him tatihi make it as a lord so they jjust becuse they think about his miraclebut if you think more you know that allah do that to make us think and to tell us aftihi me but we alll know that this shaykh can not be like the prophet juses or the prophet mohammmah they just a persons fagihi worchip allah and we can do like them and follow them steeps without associating and remmember the prophet says The first category concerns holy people who live in the ocean of Divine Truth, those who extract all the merit from the reading of the Quran.


Had I said so, You would surely have known it. By their intermediary, we request the rain, and it is thanks to them that blessings are obtained, and it is through their invocation that misfortune is repelled. The history of Salatul al-Fatih is this. Abu Hurairah May Allah be pleased with him reported: In other circumstances, it is prayer, and so on… This is exemplified in the following words of the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him: They would not be equivalent to the reward that comes from the evocation of one single Salat Fatihi.

In order to benefit from the special blessings of Salat el Fathi, two conditions must be met:. From the Tijaniyya – abun-Nasr; an excert from: Point to be clarified.

Hadhrat Abul-Muqaraab says that a man’s total sins will be washed away if he recites Durood Faith 40 times. The first is that authorization should be given by those who have themselves received it. It is also said to be equivelant to reading the Quran 6 thousand times. For this category, reading the Quran is above all zikr.

When his companions asked the Ftaihi peace and blessings be upon him: The reading of the Quran takes priority and is required by the revelation. It is only a Revelation that is revealed. Thus, as we will demonstrate, some have received specificities in certain fields without this necessarily implying that they are superior to those who have not received these specificities.

Salat Fatihi is a divine act i. Another reason it is the best and has all those blessings as you described is because it praises The Prophet before the creation of Time and it praises him After creation.