23 Feb SAMREC Code The South African Mineral Code. The South African Code for the Reporting of. Exploration Results, Mineral Resurces. The SAMREC Code is a guideline that stipulates the minimum standards for the reporting of Exploration Results, Mineral Resources, and Mineral Reserves;. Concurrently with the evolution of the SAMREC Code, the Committee for Mineral. Reserves International Reporting Standards (CRIRSCO), initially a committee.

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The reporting of Exploration Results has occasionally been misused or abused as some Competent Persons have tended to be selective in their reporting.

South African Mineral Reporting Codes

More importantly, dode surveyor is responsible for the measuring process that keeps account of the monthly production tonnage and grade of the operation. These sub-categories indicate levels cde geoscientific confidence in the project, from highest Measured to lowest Inferred. Glossary of terms and updating of definitions. Part of the communication is provided by the declaration of Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves.

Mining engineer The role of the mining engineer is to samref, develop, and operate safe and efficient mines, whether surface or underground operations. Introduction of metal equivalents Metal equivalents are a contentious issue. The mining engineer will assess the technical, engineering, and commercial viability of a project or mine. It is hoped that this will clearly indicate the low level of confidence in the information and ensure that a reported Exploration Target cannot be misconstrued or misrepresented as a Mineral Resource or Mineral Reserve.

This page was last edited on 28 Augustat Public Reports require sign-off by a duly qualified, experienced and registered professional person, named a “Competent Person” or “Competent Valuator” or “Qualified Reserves Evaluator”.

The coxe professions in Public Reporting and declarations in terms of the Code are geology, surveying, and mining engineering. It is the responsibility of the Competent Person to be fully aware of all applicable rules and regulations before a signing off on a Public Samec.

The classification of Proved and Probable Coal Reserves has been modified to reflect a minimum requirement of a Pre-Feasibility Study or Life of Mine Plan, which now aligns this definition with international requirements.


The detailed requirements, although broadly understood, codde frequently selectively considered. An aspect often lacking in Public Reporting is the demonstration of ‘reasonable prospects for eventual economic extraction’. When the economic feasibility of a project has been demonstrated, by taking into account Modifying Factors i. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. They are, naturally, supported by a number of other professionals such as economists, metallurgists, engineers geotechnical, ventilation, civil, mechanical, electrical etc.

Their role is to combine an understanding of the deposit with sakrec various engineering disciplines by applying their technical knowledge and management skills.

There is a continuous demand for various samrdc and metal commodities that necessitates finding new deposits, as well as developing more efficient, safer, and cheaper ways of mining and processing minerals.

The important inclusion is Infrastructure as a Modifying Factor. Ocde Codes are principles-based, and are designed to provide investors and potential investors with the minimum, material information for an informed investment decision. Each sub-section that existed in the Table I has been included in the various sections and numbered using Roman numerals Figure 1.

However, the hope is that the industry will see improved communication and the positive progression of projects and mines as a result of these changes. As a result of increasing professionalism and updated methodologies, aamrec is necessary to regularly review and update the SAMREC Code because: The Codes set out minimum standards for Public Reporting of Exploration Results, Mineral or Oil and Gas Resources and Ore Reserves and their Valuation for listed and non-listed entities, or those companies wishing to list or raise capital for a Minerals or Petroleum Project.

The amount of effort that may be required in complying with the revised Code must not be underestimated. It is believed that the new referencing will be easier for, inter alia, the JSE Reader requirements, and will assist Competent Persons to ensure they have addressed all the coce reporting aspects.

SAMREC Code | legal definition of SAMREC Code by

Specifically, the standards and guidelines are applicable to public reports compiled on behalf of South African Minerals and Petroleum companies for the benefit of investors. The Codes Forum, Sydney. Metal equivalents are a contentious issue. Other terms, such items as review, Competent Person’s Report, and audit have been added to the glossary of terms.


Independence Independence of the Competent Person has been a topic of debate within the mineral industry. The role of the mining engineer is to design, develop, and operate safe and efficient mines, whether surface or underground operations.

A declaration for precious and base metals typically reports grade as a head grade, i. The financial valuation of a project or mine relies on geological and grade models that are the result of scientific modelling, together with engineering skills provided by the mining engineer and other experts and specialists.

Mine surveyors assist with, and are an integral part of, the estimation of Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves.

IMPLATS Mineral Resource and Mineral Reserve Statement | Regulatory compliance

The declaration of a Mineral Resource and Mineral Reserve is linked to various common practices and economic realities. Mining engineers are able to undertake the various technical or engineering aspects of a mining operation, which are a series of very complex tasks, and formulate a mine plan and schedule that can be executed.

Aspects mentioned include the importance of a market and the saleable specifications. Also, the deposit is referred to as ‘Mineralisation’ so as not to imply any degree of technical or economic study. Canadian National Instrument NI is often considered a superior form of reporting due to its structure.

In this case, the Competent Person cannot abstain from taking responsibility, although a caveat may be appropriate.

Furthermore, the reporting mechanism assists the Competent Person to provide all relevant details, whether they are perceived as positive or dode, in the Public Report. The tool used is the geological model and associated grade or block model.