The Concubine is the debut novel by Nigerian writer Elechi Amadi originally published in as part of the Heinemann African Writers Series. Set in a remote. 1 May The Concubine by Elechi Amadi centres round the year old Ihuoma, a beautiful, gentle and charming woman whose personality is second. Ihuoma, a beautiful young widow, has the admiration of the entire community in which she lives, and especially of the hunter Ekwueme. But their passion is fated .

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Feb 03, Jerome Kuseh rated it it was amazing Shelves: The concubine has its setting in rural Nigeria, as the author makes an effort to depict the African traditional Way of life in its totality; its religious, social, cultural and economic activities.

The concubine by elechi amadi is set for the sacrifice except one thing — the multi-coloured lizard. The concubine is a fictitious novel by Nigerian vy Elechi Amadi.

Jun 17, Dora Okeyo rated the concubine by elechi amadi really liked it. Inat the age of Madume suffers guilt for being responsible for the death of a Kinsman. The conclusion is very Greek tragedy, you know the prophecy that everyone does everything to avoid ends up coming true because of the actions one took against the prophecy, and bitch you know I live for that shit!

The simplicity of the narrative makes it all the more powerful, and a sense of tragedy grows as the reader draws inexorably closer to the end. Gods get to do what they want precisely because they are gods. He is later to be found on top of a tree armed with a cub daring anyone to disturb him. About the author Book Lover’s Hangout views, reviews and interviews about books we the concubine by elechi amadi.

I love the fluidity of the story, i couldn’t drop the book when i started. Ekwueme’s passion for Ihuoma, and the conflict between their love and the traditions and conventions of the society they inhabit, creates much of the tension in the novel.


His first attempt at winning Ihuoma over fails; his guts to bear out his mind to her fail him and he goes home dejected. The concubine by elechi amadi interventions from love rivals, parents, medicine yb and the spirit world, the reader is kept guessing right until the last the concubine by elechi amadi as to whether Amadi’s characters can ultimately find their happy ever after.

The author has explored a number of themes in the novel, including; role of the supernatural on human lives. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. He studied at the Government College in Umuahia, and like other major Nigerian writers, he was educated at the University College of Ibadan.

I am late for my wine-tapping. Oct 25, Don rated it it was amazing Shelves: There was blood, Ihuoma raced into her brother-in-law’s compound. Author archive Author website.

The Concubine by Elechi Amadi, Book Review

And please share this the concubine by elechi amadi with your friends and loved ones! I am feeling so sad I lost all his novelks I bought and they are difficult to xmadi here in Zambia. In he married Dorah Ohale; they had eight children. It introduced me to loving African literature. Meanwhile, Ahurole has fled and has joined her parents.

Elechi Amadi is a notable Nigerian author who writes in English. This death was kept as secret as possible. And what marvelous insights they are. Still, it’s a great classic Nigerian novel.

The Concubine – Chapter 1 – Wattpad

The reason is that Ihuoma is a sea-goddess from birth whom has been married to concuvine proud and jealous Seak-King who kills anyone who marries her. It shows the unity in the igbo people and how highly they revered their gods.

Anyika, the famous dibia, has barely helped the concubine by elechi amadi overcome the injury when again he decides to harass the young Ihuoma at her husband’s farm. Ihuoma is a beautiful young woman, righteous, the concubine by elechi amadi and admired ammadi her entire village Omokachi in Eastern Nigeria. With tremendous determination and will-power he trekked home. Others line up as suitors with Madune, the man responsible for her husband’s death, and the love-lorn Ekewueme, being foremost.


When Emenike came to, he could hardly stand. In line with the theme of the role of divinities in human lives, is the theme of superstition.

Elechi left a legacy of African writers of which it will take ages to find another to replace. Ihuoma tries to discourage Ekwueme, since she already has children and he is younger than she is. View all 5 comments.

Book of The Week: The Concubine by Elechi Amadi

Heinemann- Fiction – pages. Ekwueme is certain of his fate if he marries Ihuoma, but goes on, driven by love. This by far my favorite book by an African writer, and though I have read nearly African novels, this is the only one that I have reread – 3 times!

Emenike guessed Madume’s intentions immediately. His well-meaning brother-in-law, Nnadi alongside his friends: I loved the narration and how events unfold slowly all the way to the end where you understand why Ihuoma’s male admirers die very mysterious deaths. This is tje scintillating tale of love and yearning for love and getting heartbroken, not once but many times. I the concubine by elechi amadi this novel when I was in high school and it was interesting.