William Brinkley, Author Viking Books $ (0p) ISBN The Nathan James is apparently the only ship afloatuntil it meets a Russian sub. Hailed as “an extraordinary novel of men at war” (The Washington Post) this is the book that inspired the TNT television series starring Eric. 28 May The Paperback of the The Last Ship by William Brinkley at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!.

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Many of the crew, though, wish to go home to the U. I was suddenly aware, the last ship william brinkley her on the ladder, that she had mastered with seeming ease something I had felt, since these matters began, to be among the most difficult of feats: He writes some pretty bad sex; he also delivers some damn good set-pieces.

Based on a work at https: I was not prepared further to insult them by setting for them standards lower than those I enjoined on my other sailors. For life from the point of view of the last ship william brinkley captain, I prefer Nicholas Monsarrat or Jan De Hartog–or even Joseph Conrad–but the book held my attention in somewhat the same way that “Swiss Family Robinson” once did.

I’d previously watched the TV series based on this book, so I decided to give it a shot.

The Last Ship: A Novel – William Brinkley – Google Books

This was a book about World War III, written in the late eighties before glasnost really took off, from the perspective of a naval commander trying to keep his brihkley alive after this unthinkable event. Many of the captain’s reflections concern how much more wonderful sailors are, in every respect, when compared to other people.


It was enough to ameliorate the worst of how i the last ship william brinkley at the time it happened.

He seemed like an arrogant know-it-all and not a small bit psychotic. Jul 23, Michael Pang rated it it was ok. Other than that, this is one incredible read.

The Last Ship (novel) – Wikipedia

the last ship william brinkley Dec 10, Jacqueline rated it really liked it Shelves: Chapter Twomy friends. Two-thirds of it is ponderous portentousness; and one-third is terrible erotic fiction. I am aware of but have not brunkley the series on TNT based on this novel. Other editions – View all The Last Ship: I concur with the sentiments expressed by Publishers Weekly: The constant harping on the point that sailors are a breed apart, and just the right type–no, according bribkley him, the only type–of men to get through this ordeal and save the last ship william brinkley.

InBrinkley hsip his only non-fiction book, The Deliverance of Sister Ceceliaa biography of a Slovakian nun based her memoirs as recited to him.

The story is simple enough, as tends to be the case in post-apocalyptic fiction.

The only wish is that the the last ship william brinkley strategy would have had more varience and unobstructive vocabulary. You know, for repopulating, saving-the-species sorts of activities, right? I moved quickly on, wanting to get away from it. But you have to want to read this book in order to make it to the last page. And I don’t know what Brinkley’s intent is here – if he is using the Captain as a mouthpiece for his own views, or if he is crafting a character study on the mindset of this particular brand of monster.


Navy destroyer, relatively well-stocked with food but low on nuclear fuel, will scout northern Africa, then make her way to the Pacific Ocean in search of habitable land for the two crews. The “Nathan James” needs nuclear fuel, the “Pushkin” needs food and the crews of both need a place live. Poorly and densely written, replete with anachronistic depictions of male-female relations, and some joltingly unexpected graphic sex. However, no pregnancies occur. Then, it’s on to the next event, which will be equally devoid of any excitement, wit, charm or relatable characters.

Content is not the only problem with this the last ship william brinkley.

Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. The James has a mixed crew of men and 26 women.

Then again, I might just have a real weakness the last ship william brinkley low brow sex scenes. Refresh and try again. At times his prose was brilliant and satisfying. If you like thought provoking books that make you think then you will likely enjoy this one. The Nathan James eventually reaches the remote South Pacific and, with the ship’s nuclear fuel nearly gone, discovers a small, uncontaminated island in French Polynesia.

What kinds of conflicts would that cause, and how would they address them?