The Spear of Destiny: The Occult Power Behind the Spear which pierced the side of Christ [Trevor Ravenscroft] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying. Posts about Trevor Ravenscroft written by Keith Fitzpatrick-Matthews. “The Spear of Destiny”: Hitler, the Hapsburgs and the Holy Grail. Although ‘serious. An account of the legendary spear which pierced the side of Christ which has been invested with occult powers. It tells the story of the chain of men who.

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This is why the Jews are precisely the most catastrophic people of world history: Hitler shrewdly guarded himself against such an error and adamantly refused to make purely intellectual interpretations of such awe-inspiring works as the Rig- Veda, the Upanishads, the Gita, Zend-iivesta, Egyptian Book of the Dead, and others.

Orgasm Unleashed Eyal Matsliah. He stood there for a long while perplexed by its inscrutable riddle: It suddenly dawned on him that he was reading the footnotes of Satan!

According to Schopenhauer conceptual thought could never attain to truth and the only reality open to human beings was the actual physical experience of Willpower.

The spear of Longinus came to be dewtiny as the Spear of Destiny because the legend surrounding the weapon stated that whatever nation possessed the spear would control teh fate of the world.

He was sure that a diligent search would soon reveal which was the actual Spear of Longinus. The ninth century was also the age of the great Schism between the Eastern and Western Churches; the final separation appearing at the Council concluded in Constantinople in The black Raven was the sign of the First Degree, he explained, because the Raven signified the Messenger of the Grail and the finger of fate which led man to it. I was surprised to learn that Dr. May 28, Fernando Silva rated it really liked it.

It was zpear long before a capable use of the catalogues and various works of historical reference uncovered a whole number of Spears which had made greater or ddstiny claims in some period of history to be the Spear which pierced the side of Jesus Christ at the Crucifixion.

Check out the films of a Nuremburg rally to see how a “spirit” can affect a crowd. According to the legend associated with the Spear of Longinus, the claimant to this talisman of power has a choice between the service of two opposing Spirits in the fulfilment of his world- historic aims — a Good and an Evil Spirit. Richard Wagner and Friedrich Ravenscroct had made a special journey to Vienna to stand together before this Spear of Revelation.


It’s about Hitler’s early life, his occult aspirations, and his pursuit of the actual spear-head which supposedly pierced the side of Christ’s side The reader also reads about the visions of General Helmuth von Moltke regarding the future of Germany, the rise of the fuhrer and the devastation and challenges of 20th century Europe. I despise everyone who does not experience Parsival as an attempted assassination of basic ethics.

It does not help either that there aren’t that many source references in general, with much of Stein’s stories about Hitler being difficult to corroborate and the Hitler biography most used here is Hermann Rauschning’s which is generally considered one of the least reliable. Quotes from Spear of Destiny. Lashing up an unassailable wave of verbal violence in which he screamed and spat abuse, Hitler reduced his opponents to a shocked and resentful silence.

The Spear of Destiny : The Occult Power Behind the Spear Which Pierced the Side of Christ

Ravenacroft another, he seems to forget the name of Adolf Eichmann. This was Romanticism come of age in a most sinister way! In the eighth and ninth centuries the Spear had continued to be the very pivot of the historical process.

For instance, the riddle of the source of the work itself: According to the legend associated with the Spear of Longinus, the claimant to this talisman of power has a choice between the service of two opposing Spirits in the fulfilment ravehscroft his world historic aims — a Good and an Evil Spirit.

The Spear of Destiny. If you like the occult. You may come and consult me at any time.

The Hofburg Spear received its first recorded mention in the ancient Saxon Chronicle at the battle of Leek near Vienna where Otto gained a resounding victory over the Mongolian hordes whose formidable horsed archers had carried their devastations to the very heart of Europe.

At other times, especially when Hitler was elated, his normal halting awkward style of speaking was transformed into a magical flow spewr words, delivered with spellbinding effect.

Plenty of people get their material that way, but this adventure steers without books. Make of that what you will. Some of the German Emperors of the Middle Ages had associated the legend with this trebor Spear, but nobody had given credence to the legend anyway during the last five hundred years or more, except, of course, Napoleon, who had demanded it after the Battle of Austerlitz, before which it had been secretly smuggled out of Nuremberg and hidden in Ravenscrodt to keep it out of his tyrannical hands.

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Full text of “The Spear Of Destiny By Trevor Ravenscroft NWO illuminati Freemasons”

Master of his thoughts, his feelings and his powers of Will, the aspirant must be able to discriminate instantly between the morally real and the unreal, the eternal and the ephemeral. Giving an excuse for haste, he hurried away from the shop. The moist black eyes looking out at him from a sallow bloodless face seemed to exude evil, especially so now that he’assumed his visitor to be a fellow traveller in the Aryan racial cause.

On the mantelshelf a beautiful gold Ikon was surrounded by clusters of crystals and quartz, and these items elbowed for space among numerous photographs of famous British and European political figures.

It was bursting at the seams as though it could not comfortably contain all the books and paintings which filled it. The legend grew around it, gaining strength with the passing of the centuries, that whoever possessed it and understood the powers it served, held the destiny of the world in his hands for good or evil. Of course, he did not know that he was looking into the eyes of the man who would far outstrip the terrible prophecies associated with Klingsor, the man who would inspire a satanic reign of terror and cold-blooded butchery outstripping in savagery and bestial cruelty all previous ages of oppression in the entire history of mankind.

Spear of Destiny Trevor Ravenscroft Snippet view – At length with poisoned words it will breed dissension among citizens And will rage like burning fire in the breast of the righteous.